"General Hospital" ended the Friday, October 19 episode with a shocking revelation that raises an important question. Sonny was looking at photos of Margaux's mom which were provided by Sam when he made a startling discovery. He announced that the woman in the picture was having an affair with Joe Scully during the time he worked for him.

This gives the motive for why the crime boss asked a young Sonny to "make his bones" by murdering Vincent Mareno who was Ms. Dawson's father. The timing of when the affair began, however, may bring up another issue, which is that the DA could possibly be Joe Skully's daughter.

Sonny, Sam, and Jason got a big reveal on Friday

On Friday's episode of "General Hospital" Sam shared with Jason that Spinelli had asked her to take over the case of finding evidence to take down DA Dawson. She explained that the Jackal believes she and Jason are destined to be together, so he keeps pushing them into each other's orbit.

While they are talking, Sonny comes down the stairs and Sam shows him photos of Margaux's mom. Sam and Jason were shocked when Sonny revealed that he knew the woman in the picture.

In front of a stunned Jason and Sam, Sonny identified DA Dawson's mother as the woman who was having an affair with Joe Skully. This indicates that neither of Margaux's parents was squeaky clean and also reveals the motive for why Skully wanted Vincent Mareno dead.

This also brings up another interesting possibility that if proven true, will rock the DA to the core. Depending on when the affair began, it's possible that Skully, and not Vincent Moreno could be her biological father.

DA Dawson's world will come crashing down

Also on Friday, Drew told Margaux that he could turn her in for withholding the flash drive that has his memories.

The DA did not even flinch but taunted Drew by saying he only had speculation and no evidence. She has no idea that across town, Jason, Sam, and Sonny have information that could ruin her career as well as her personal life. Ms. Dawson was warned by Jordan, Carly, and Sonny himself that she would not win if she went up against him.

Margaux did not listen and now has opened a Pandora's box that will bring shame right to her own doorstep. Her father was working as Joe Skully's attorney and may have been on the take while her mother was cheating on him with his boss. Should DA Dawson turn out to be Skully's child, her world will quickly come crashing down. Be sure to watch Monday's exciting episode of "General Hospital" to find out the conclusion to Friday's big reveal.