Cameron Weber is a typical teen, with his feelings all over the place, and this week "General Hospital" spoilers say he will make a rash decision. For weeks Cam has been hiding something from his pal Joss and has watched her suffer. His conflicted feelings and guilt over keeping Oscar's secret will cause the young man to take a bold step. He will betray Oscar in order to ensure that his lifelong friend is not left in the dark. Cam will tell all, relating to the brain cancer, to Joslyn and admit his role in helping to keep it a secret. His future with the girl he loves is now on the line but at least she knows she can trust him to be honest.

Cameron can't help himself when it comes to Joslyn

Cameron is falling in love with the girl who sees him only as a good friend and confidante. He wants Joss to be happy and is trying to respect her feelings for Oscar, but Soaps She Knows says he will not be able to help himself. The spoiler indicates that Kim will be leading on Bobbie for support because of Oscar's diagnosis, while Cam is deciding to break her son's confidence and tell everything he knows.

Joslyn suspects something is seriously wrong and would not accept that Oscar broke up with her because he no longer loves her. Cameron has stood by watching her suffer and blame herself for whatever is going on. Spoilers indicate that it all comes to a head this week because Cam will decide to tell the truth.

He knows this will cause the girl he loves to reach out to her dying boyfriend but may be hoping that, if Oscar succumbs to the tumor, Joss may eventually turn to him.

Cameron cannot ensure how Joslyn will react

Soap Opera Spy indicates that Joslyn's reaction could go in one of two directions where Cameron is concerned. She may be grateful to her lifelong pal for deciding not to keep her in the dark, or Joss might be angry that he kept the secret so long and decreased the precious short amount of time she has left to spend with Oscar.

Spoilers indicate that young Mr. Nero's reaction, when Joss finds out he is dying, could also go in several directions.

Oscar may be glad she knows, and the two of them could deal with the situation together, or he may continue to pusher away. Spoilers also tease that Oscar may try to put Joslyn and Cameron together before he dies.

Spoiler alerts have not yet addressed whether or not there will be a miracle cure or if the brain tumor will claim the teen's life. Be on the lookout for updates related to this storyline and continue watching "General Hospital" weekday afternoons at 2:00 PM EST on ABC.