Spoiler alerts for "The Bold and the Beautiful" indicate a stressful week for the three major families on the daytime drama. After an altercation with Ridge and Thorne causes Dollar Bill to fall from his balcony, he will be in a coma. As he lays unconscious in his hospital bed, the Spencer, Logan, and Forrester families will all react differently to the situation and have one-sided conversations with Bill. Friends, family, and enemies will all take turns visiting him. Katie and Brooke will feel bad about his situation. Wyatt and Liam will be concerned for their father's life.

Ridge and Thorne will continue to wish harm on the helpless founder of Spencer Publications.

Everyone reacts to Dollar Bill's fall

Soap Dirt indicates that the three major families on "The Bold and the Beautiful" will all react differently to the news that Dollar Bill Spencer fell off his balcony. Ridge and Thorne will try to convince everyone it was an accident, while Katie and Brooke will show great concern. Wyatt and Liam will want answers, and all of them will find their way to the comatose man's bedside and engage in one-sided conversations they do not believe he can hear.

Brooke will feel guilty because she knows her husband bribed the judge to give full custody of WIll to her sister. Katie is remorseful because it's her fault Dollar Bill lost his rights to see Will whenever he wants.

She will also seek Thorne's advise on what to tell her son, should his father die. The Forrester brothers will have their heads together trying to keep themselves from being charged with a crime.

Forresters, Logans, and Spencers keep vigil

Soap Dirt says that those who love and hate Dollar Bill Spencer will keep constant vigil around his hospital bed.

His sons are generally concerned, while the Logan sisters are grieving their recent decisions. The Forrester brothers are trying to cover their tracks and prove their innocence, but Celeb Dirty Laundry indicates that Thorne may take things a little further. The spoiler teases that he will be seen alone in Bill's room, when no one else is around, and may even consider pulling the plug.

Celeb Dirty Laundry also says Brooke is going to be furious with Ridge because he set all of this in motion. Her compassion for the comatose Dollar Bill might get the best of her and Ms. Logan/Forrester may even walk out on her marriage. Be on the lookout for updated "B&B" spoilers to reveal if the fall was an accident or on purpose, and whether or not Thorne pulls the plug, or if Brooke leaves Ridge.