The fifteenth season of "Grey's Anatomy" saw its debut on Thursday, September 27 in America with a two-hour special. Three weeks after the debut, the plot of the fifth episode of the season that will be aired in America on Thursday, October 15 has already been released. Central will be the return of Teddy. According to Econotimes, "In episode 5 of episode 15, it is mentioned that Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) will take the time and effort to reach out to Teddy herself about her issues. "

Episode 5 storyline

ABC has released the official plot of the episode number five of the season that as always anticipates the highlights of the episode.

Here is the synopsis: "Meredith reaches Teddy and pushes her to face some of her personal problems, Owen and Amelia lurking near Betty's school, worried that the girl can escape. Jo, meanwhile, is eager to start working on her scholarship, but Bailey's attention is elsewhere." The episode is titled "Everyday Angel." It was written by Julie Wong and directed by Chandra Wilson who plays Dr. Miranda Bailey in the series.

The guest stars of "Gray's Anatomy" in this episode are Chris Carmack, in the role of Link, Alex Landi who plays Nico Kim and Peyton Kenny who lends his face to Betty Nelson. The episode will air on Thursday, October 25 on ABC. After the fourth episode, in fact, the network will interrupt the usual programming for a week.

Meanwhile, the synopsis hints that there is going to be a great opportunity for Amelia to figure out whether or not looking after Betty is what she really wants to be doing with her time.

Sixth and seventh episode

Just during the weekly break, ABC has not released any promos of the next episode but the network has released some details of the last three episodes of the year.

On November 1, the sixth episode of the fifteenth season of "Gray's Anatomy" entitled "Flowers Grow Out of My Grave" will air. The sixth episode was directed by Nicole Rubio. A week later, on Thursday 8 November, the seventh episode will be broadcast, with the directorial debut of Krista Vernoff's showrunner. The episode titled "Anybody Have a Map?" It was written by Elisabeth R.

Finch. Finally, November 15 will be the turn of the eighth and last episode of the year. The episode will be directed by Kevin McKidd, his second directorial experience this season. After the 15x08 the show will go, as usual, on pause until the first days of February.

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