Spoiler alerts indicate that things may soon heat up on "General Hospitalbetween Maxie and Peter. The duo has slowly been making progress at leaving the past behind, despite the objections of others. It’s also possible that Lulu may be paired with her absentee husband’s partner, Detective Chase. If indeed, things go in this direction, there will be two new couples in Port Charles, which would shift the focus from the never-ending trials of Sonny and Carly as well as Sam and Jason. Nathan is dead, and his widow needs to move on. Dante is out of town on a WSB assignment, but on Wednesday (October 10) his wife was arguing with him via telephone.

This could pave the way for a breakup.

Maxie and Peter are falling in love

From the moment Faison shot Nathan, a bond began forming between Maxie and her husband's half-brother. Soap Dirt indicates that the duo is falling in love, and this will bring closure to the Nathan saga. Maxie has told Nina, Lulu, and Felicia that she has forgiven Peter and pointed out that he delivered baby James and is also the boy’s uncle. The family connection will no doubt deepen the feelings they share and soon this couple will be heating up the screen.

Peter is a broken man, according to Soap Dirt, and is trying to come to terms with his evil father’s actions, along with Anna being his mother. “General Hospital” has a history of redeeming bad boys such as Sonny, Franco, and Julian.

The plan is probably already in motion for Mr. August to emerge as a good guy and win Maxie’s love. Once Obrecht is found and brought to justice, there will be nothing standing in the way.

Lulu and Chase may grow close

On Wednesday, Lulu had an angry exchange with her husband via telephone. Dante is out of town on a special WSB assignment, but his portrayer, Dominic Zamprogna, has left “General Hospital.” Nothing has been said regarding a recast, so there are several possibilities.

Dante is a family man, so it’s not in his character to simply walk away from his wife and children. Even so, his assignment could be extended, and Lulu tells him not to come back home, or he could be killed in the line of duty. This opens the door for Chase to step in.

Right now, there are no other men in Port Charles who Lulu could be paired with, and with Dante out of the picture, it would be natural for his partner to look out for his wife and children.

With Maxie falling for Peter, it seems inevitable that Lulu also will find love again. Soap Hub spoilers indicate an exciting two weeks coming up in Port Charles. The drama will be unfolding with Valentin, Nina, Laura, Kevin/Ryan, and Michael and Nelle. There is no mention of Lulu and Chase, but this does not mean that a pairing is not in the future, so be on the lookout for "General Hospital" spoilers to update these storylines.