"General Hospital" star Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis Davis) went to her Twitter to explain her thoughts on people voting red. She explained if they vote that way, then they can't be friends anymore. Nancy has never been shy about voicing her opinions. The thing is she later deleted the status.

Nancy Lee Grahn of 'General Hospital' voices her opinion

Late last night, Nancy Lee Grahn went to her Twitter to share exactly how she feels. In a political post, she said "If you're a friend of mine that I work with, am related to, live next door to, have any connection to at all, it breaks my heart, but if ur voting red, or worse, not voting against what you know to be horrible because you are just not motivated, we are no longer friends."

Basically, this means that if you are not going to vote or if you are going to vote Republican she won't be your friend anymore.

Nancy has made it very clear that she is blue and a Democrat. The "General Hospital" star has never been shy about her political affiliation.

Fans of 'General Hospital' voice their thoughts on her comment

On Nancy Lee Grahn's post, the fans of "General Hospital" are not holding back. Some of them totally agree with her and explained that they feel the same way. Others, don't think that this is the right opinion to have about other people.

Shelly Bauer explained her thoughts saying, "To kick people to the curb because they think and feel differently is why this nation is divided. Compromise, communication, and cooperation are the only way we can come together and work toward a plan to provide a solution for the issues that are plaguing our society." As you can see, Shelly isn't mad about her being a Democrat.

Instead, it is about the way that she is going to just not be friends with people anymore because they don't have the same opinion.

Miriam Jablon feels the exact opposite, though. Her reply said, "Yeah, it's been a really difficult decision but I have had to say goodbye to some longtime friends because I just can't understand why anyone would be happy with Trump & the GOP these days.

I feel like I am on the right side of history and they aren't."

Everyone is allowed to voice their own opinion, but sometimes the networks aren't okay with it being done in such a public manner. This isn't the first time that Nancy Lee Grahn of "General Hospital" has shared her thoughts and ABC didn't fire her in the past for it.

Derick Dillard of "Counting On" was fired by TLC because he wouldn't stop talking negative on Twitter about Jazz Jennings. Derick was also trashing TLC for even allowing the show on their channel. This could be part of why they cut ties.

Nancy later changed the post after deleting the first. Here is the new one.

'General Hospital' update

As for her character Alexis on General Hospital, she is still single even though so many people are shipping the idea of her with Julian Jerome (William deVry) once again. These two always have great chemistry together. It wouldn't surprise anyone if they end up back together at some point. For now, fans will just have to hold out hope it works out.