Spoiler alerts for "General Hospital" indicate that viewers are tired of Sam going back and forth between Jason and Drew. Soap Dirt indicates that this saga should have been out to rest as soon as Patient 6 realized he was Jason. Instead of a witnessing a joyous reunion, however, fans have seen setback after setback and now may be losing interest in this once powerful couple.

Soap Dirt teases that the steam is running out because of the long drawn out storyline that has gone on for over 12 months. Although the couple had a few moments last week, Soaps She Knows indicates this coming week they will be in different directions again.

Distractions keep JaSam apart

On Friday's episode of "General Hospital," it was revealed that Spinelli who was investigating Margaux, turned his case over to Sam. When Ms. McCall/Morgan. was briefing Jason on this turn of events she said she realized Spinelli was trying to force them back together.

Earlier in the week, the couple seemed to bond but on Friday it was all business. Soap Dirt says this going back and forth is distressing to fans and that should "JaSam" reunite, probably no one will care.

Oscar's brain tumor has Sam giving Drew a shoulder to lean on, while Jason is tied up with consoling Monica and helping Sonny to bring down Margaux. Soaps She Knows indicates that Kristina is going down a dark path this week and that Sam offers someone advise.

If Ms. MCCall/Morgan has to help her sister, it will be another distraction to keep JaSam apart. Spoilers indicate that the "General Hospital" writers should have struck while the iron was hot and reunited this couple months ago. Now no matter what they do it may be too late.

"General Hospital" is ruining JaSam and Julexis

Sam and Jason are not the only couple who has been kicked to the curb as "General Hospital" has also pushed Julexis to the sidelines.

Viewers were awaiting a hot and steamy reunion between Julian and Alexis when he was released from Pentonville prison last October, but Sam's mom and dad have also gone in different directions. Fans looking for passionate love scenes from both couples have been bitterly disappointed.

It seems the storylines are teasing the fans by allowing JaSam and Julexis to appear to be headed in a romantic direction, then quickly flipping the script.

If spoilers are correct something needs to be done fast or those who have been hoping against hope for true love to find a way may give up.

"General Hospital" used be about super couples and great love stories. They should get back to what works and not ruin popular pairings and disappoint the fans