''This Is Us'' returns with another episode of this extraordinary family odyssey. Although some of us might find it difficult to keep up with, the Pearsons ins and outs are out for scrutiny once more. According to IMDb, Episode 6 'Kamsahamnida' is set to hit the streams on Tuesday, October 30.

According to popculture.com, the upcoming episode's preview claims that hidden truths will be revealed.

As some might guess, Jack Pearson's past remains the core for the entire action and it's fine. After all, Jack Pearson is the ultimate trigger and the one character that sets all things in motion.

The upcoming episode's preview follows the secondary threads too. We have both Beth and Toby swimming in some troubled waters. While in Toby's case, the cause for trouble has some past documented facts, when it comes to Beth Pearson things are a bit trickier. Always a rock in her family, Beth seems to have reached rock bottom.

Kevin introduces Randall into his Vietnam investigation

Although short, Episode 6 preview allows a cornucopia of details and hints. One of them has Kevin sitting down and talking Randall into his new obsession- Jack Pearson's experience in the Vietnam War.

Seeing those old photos helped Kevin make the connection. He now knows exactly where that necklace came from.

It's good to see Kevin and Randall uniting their forces once again.

That brief dialogue ends with Randall emphasizing once again that their father wanted to keep that Vietnam chapter closed and at a safe distance from his family. Now, Kevin is about to step into that dark chamber.

For those who've missed it, the episode preview can be watched in the video below.

Is Beth Pearson falling apart?

While sitting down and listening to his brother's progress on the Vietnam project, Randall may have missed something equally important from his own yard.

Since William stepped into Randall's life, Beth Pearson took a huge burden in. She handled things beautifully. Let's not forget that for a decent amount of time she was the only one providing for the family since Randall decided to quit his job.

Moreover, she was incredibly supportive when Randall decided to adopt Deja or when he bought that building or even when he rushed onto the campaign trail.

Now, with all that pressure keep on mounting, the inevitable thing occurred. A badly timed job firing filled up the glass and Beth cracked under pressure. It's an interesting twist and the outcome is quite unclear. All we can say is that Beth appears to be paying an unfair price for her actions.

Toby pays a heavy price for helping Kate

Let's face it! Toby is quite a character and, by all standards, things he has done for Kate are heartwarming at any given time. He made a huge sacrifice when he willingly, and without consulting Kate or even a doctor, decided to put his medication on hold s that Kate could have a chance of getting pregnant.

The episode preview shows that his depression is back with force making his life miserable once again. Kate appears to be confused and out of ideas of how she could help him recover.