After Cousin Amy did not attend Jinger Duggar’s wedding in 2016, there appeared to be a falling out between family members. Coincidence might be the reason behind Amy’s absence from Jinger’s wedding with Jeremy Vuolo, just as coincidence explains why Jana Duggar does not have social media accounts, which Jessa Duggar Seewald clarified for her Instagram followers.

In Amy’s situation, however, she previously made other plans that stood in conflict with her cousin’s wedding date, according to In Touch Weekly. Following the scheduling conflict with Jinger’s wedding, Duggar Family members gradually stopped following Amy on social media.

Amy’s birthday depicts separation from Amy is over

Before Amy turned 32, though, the rift between her and the Duggars seems to have healed, faded or was mended. Amy was photographed in a recording studio with her young cousins when they cut their “Happy Heart” album, In Touch noted. The picture was shared September 30th on the official Duggar family Facebook account, along with the caption, “Happy Birthday, Amy!” The captioning also denoted that the Duggars “love” Amy.

Duggar family was tight-knit and close to cousin

The Duggars seemed tight-knit in the days of “19 Kids and Counting” until the show was brought to a screeching halt when the news broke that Josh Duggar had repeatedly molested his siblings, along with another female.

Cousin Amy is related to Jinger and her siblings through her father, Jim Bob, and Amy’s mother, Deanna. They are brother and sister.

Amy very frequently participated in outings with Jim Bob’s branch of the Duggar family. She seemed to have quite the sense of humor while not appearing to take herself too seriously if there was a mishap with making a cake, for instance.

She also often seemed to be of great assistance when there was a party on the horizon.

Following the molestation scandal, cousins were ‘banned from visiting’

After the molestation scandal made headlines in a big way, leading TLC to drop the supersize family from its broadcast lineup, Amy seemed to fade into the background. Word was widespread that she was pretty much ostracized by Jim Bob’s side of the Duggar family.

At one point, Amy even stated that she was “out,” according to the Hollywood Gossip on October 2. She was booted from the family in June.

Not only did the family discontinue interacting with Amy on social media, her cousins were reportedly “banned from visiting her,” Hollywood Gossip also noted. Amy removed all the photos of her cousins from her Instagram account, as well.

Left out of the Duggars’ lives

There is a garden variety of possible reasons why Amy appeared to be left out of the Duggars’ lives. One reason floating in media and social networking platforms is that Jim Bob disapproved of her “liberal lifestyle,” so writes Hollywood Gossip.

Well, not every female opts to avoid dating until nearly ready to marry and have children or opts to wear only below-the-knee style dresses. That’s not how Amy was raised by Jim Bob’s sister, after all. Amy grew up with a less restrictive lifestyle.

There was no ‘rift’

During the time that the Duggars appeared to marginalize Amy, keeping her on the outskirts, she reportedly stated that there was no “rift,” according to In Touch. The timing of Jinger’s and Jeremy’s wedding just did not coalesce with the plans that Amy and her husband, Dillon King, had already “scheduled.”

Since the family is no longer keeping Amy at arm's length (and then some), it is possible that has or will visit Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo.

Their baby Felicity is now going on three months following her birth. Jinger celebrated her first-born's two-month anniversary by sharing a photo of Felicity on her Instagram account.

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