Spoiler alerts for "The Bold and the Beautiful" indicate that Dollar Bill will soon be at death's door, once again. A few months ago, he was shot in the back by Taylor, and barely survived. This time around, after an altercation with the Forrester brothers, Bill will tumble off of his balcony and end up in a coma. In recent weeks, Ridge and Thorne joined forces to make sure that Katie got full custody of Will. After finding out that Ridge bribed the judge, Katie gave her ex-husband more time with their son. This, along with the fact that Bill kissed Brooke, pushes the brothers over the edge.

Whether Bill's fall was an accident or on purpose has yet to be determined.

Ridge and Thorne bond over their hate for Bill

The Forrester brothers have never been close, but now, oddly, are bonding over their mutual hatred for Dollar Bill. Although Brooke and Katie were shocked that Ridge bribed the judge in the custody hearing, Thorne thanked his sibling for what he did. After discussing Bill sleeping with Steffy and kissing Brooke, the brothers decide they must stop him from pushing up on the women in their lives. Soap Dirt indicates that the Forresters will confront Bill in his home and this is when the fall occurs. Brooke also tries to save her marriage.

Spoilers say, that according to a set insider, Ridge makes a move that could be seen as accidental, or on purpose, and it causes Bill to go over the balcony.

Thorne and his brother will be at the hospital, where Wyatt will have some questions for them. Even if the fall was accidental, Dollar Bill could wake from his coma and say it was on purpose. After all, he initially lied and said that Ridge was the one who shot him.

Brooke may side with Bill

Celeb Dirty Laundry teases that Brooke may be so angry at Ridge and his role in the fall, that she takes it out on Steffy.

The spoiler says the Logan women may seize the opportunity to knock Steffy off her throne, and boost the Hope for the Future line. Brooke is already fuming, because her husband paid the judge, and she knows he is upset that Dollar Bill kissed her. She may not believe the fall was an accident, and her support and compassion may be with her ex.

Ridge may be charged with attempted murder, and lose his wife to his enemy in the process. Thorne could be considered an accessory to the crime, and both their actions could be considered as premeditated. Be on the lookout for updated spoilers and remember to watch "The Bold and the Beautiful" weekday afternoons at 1:30 PM ET on CBS.