The latest updates and potential spoilers for "The Flash" Season 5 reveal new details about Cicada's connection with Nora West-Allen in the show. A new theory hints that the main "big bad" of this season is from the future and it will set up more of a twist in the show's narrative.

There ARE also new set photos for the upcoming "Elseworlds" crossover featuring Superman's hometown of Smallville, Kansas. The fifth season will have Barry Allen and Iris West-Allen meet their daughter from the future and teach her how to be a better superhero. Nora also told Team Flash that she traveled back in time to prevent her father from disappearing during a crisis.

Cicada came from the future

According to IGN, it is speculated that Cicada came from the same timeline as Nora West-Allen when she tried to save her father, Barry, from being killed by him. Cicada stopped for a second, and judging by how they stared back at each other, Nora and Cicada recognized each other, foreshadowing a possible connection between them.

The theory added that just like Nora, Cicada traveled back in time to prevent a family tragedy that sparked his burning hatred for metahumans.

Cicada is described as a blue-collar villain whose motivation is to hunt down and kill every metahuman in Central City whether they are good or bad. His powers come from a lightning-shaped dagger that absorbs dark matter radiation from a meta, negating his/her powers and making them vulnerable.

He also has enhanced strength and a degree of durability as he was able to takedown Flash, Vibe, and Elongated Man with ease, and calls back his dagger similar to Thor's hammer.

The metahuman hunter will be the team's biggest challenge yet as they must figure out how to stop him without being left vulnerable. The next episode will feature Harrison "Sherloque" Wells helping Team Flash against Cicada and trying to prevent the possible death of Cisco Ramon at his hands.

Enter Smallville

According to Screen Rant, Stephen Amell and Tyler Hoechlin posted set photos of the "Arrowverse" version of Smallville for the "Elseworlds" crossover. Smallville is a small town in Kansas where Kal-El's (Superman) ship crash-landed and he was raised by the Kent family.

It is also the setting where Kal-El discovered and learned how to use his Kryptonian powers.

Smallville is also the second DC setting in the crossover next to Gotham City. Flash will join Green Arrow and Supergirl to stop a new threat and meet Batwoman, played by Ruby Rose. It was previously reported that Barry and Oliver Queen will switch superhero lives as Oliver became The Flash, while Barry becomes Green Arrow.