Spoiler alerts for "The Bold and the Beautiful" tease that one couple will be making plans for a wedding, while another is trying to figure out if their marriage can be saved. Charlie, the loyal head of security for Forrester Creations will finally pop the question to his longtime lady-love, Pam. As this couple embarks on a future together, Brooke will be dealing with the aftermath of kissing Dollar Bill Spencer. Tensions will run high and the Forrester clan will be concerned over Ridge's reaction to Bill kissing his wife, coming on the heels of Bill spending the night with his daughter Steffy.

If Pam accepts Charlie's proposal, they will be planning a wedding even as Ridge might consider ending his marriage.

Charlie and Pam might make it legal

Soap Hub says Charlie will do things the old-fashioned way, by getting down on one knee and asking Pam to marry him. The spoiler does not indicate whether or not she accepts and they make it legal but if she does, there will be much joy at Forrester Creations. Pam and Charlie are beloved by the Forrester clan, but are often in the background on "The Bold and the Beautiful." They are only seen in the Forrester building or some outside venue and not in their respective homes.

The Forresters love planning weddings and should Pam decide to become Charlie's wife, there is no doubt they will receive lots of love and support.

There has been no hint that a marriage proposal was coming so the announcement will be a total surprise to everyone. Unfortunately, while this couple is embarking on a future together, and happily ever after, Ridge and Brooke are in serious trouble and may put a damper on the engagement announcement.

Ridge and Brooke's marriage may be over thanks to Steffy

Soap Dirt indicates there will be trouble in paradise on "B&B" regarding the marriage of Ridge and Brooke. Thanks to Steffy telling her father that she saw his wife kissing his arch enemy, Ridge is on the warpath. He is still fuming because his daughter slept with Bill and he believes she was manipulated.

This is why he talked the judge into giving custody of Will to Katie. On Friday, as Brooke was chastising her spouse for bribing the judge, he told her he knew that she had a secret as well.

Spoilers say that Brooke will fight for her marriage but she may be in the battle alone. Bill Spencer is her husband's Achilles heel and the mere mention of his name sends Ridge into a tailspin. Bill locked lips with Brooke twice, but each time she pulled away and said she was committed to her marriage. If she explains this to her spouse, his hatred for his nemesis may not allow him to listen to reason and the marriage might be over. Be on the lookout for updated spoilers and continue watching "The Bold and the Beautiful" weekday afternoons on CBS at 1:30 PM EST.