The latest updates and spoilers for "Arrow" Season 7 reveal clues on the person behind the new Green Arrow. Screen Rant (via Celebrity Insider) speculated that the person behind the hood is Oliver Queen's son, William.

There is the plot synopsis for episode 5 that features Felicity Smoak discovering another secret related to Oliver. The first arc of season 5 will have Oliver spend his time in jail, while the rest of the team try to stop Ricardo Diaz and his new group, the Longbow Hunters from taking over Star City. Their attempts are foiled by a new vigilante dressed as the Emerald Archer, and both parties are interested in what his intentions are for the city.

William Queen as the new Green Arrow

According to Celebrity Insider, the adult version of Oliver's son could be the new Green Arrow as the shows flashforward scenes revealed that William traveled all the way to the Lian Yu in search of his father and Felicity Smoak. However, he ends up meeting an older Roy Harper on the island and he asks him about their whereabouts

William also wants to be like his father and tries to convince Roy to train him, much to his reluctance. Another clue is that William and Roy discovered Oliver's Green Arrow gear and bow inside a buried casket on the island.

The only flaw in these clues is that the show must incorporate time-travel into the storyline in order to make sense.

However, time-travel has never been shown in the past seasons and is only used in "The Flash" TV series.

Oliver's new secret teased in episode 5

According to Comic Book Resources, the synopsis for episode 5 titled "The Demon" sees Felicity with a new dark secret from Oliver's past that will affect the team and their family. Oliver has been known to keep secrets from everyone to the point that it alienates him from his friends and allies.

While details of the new secret are still unknown, this could add some twist in his arc, which will further develop his character for future episodes.

Episode 5 will also feature Curtis Holt going on his first undercover mission with ARGUS and Dinah Drake teams-up with an unlikely ally.

It was previously reported that both Stephen Amell and Melissa Benoist posted new behind-the-scenes photos for "Elseworlds." The new crossover will feature the debut of Batwoman and Lois Lane to the Arrowverse, and the return of Tyler Hoechin's Superman and John Wesely Shipp's Flash from the 90's.

The heroes will travel to Gotham City to stop a new threat and meet the mysterious alien, The Monitor.