disney has announced that they are working on a "Pirates of the Caribbean," reboot, but it appears that former POTC star Johnny Depp will probably not be a part of the franchise moving forward. Original screenwriter Stuart Beattie has hinted at this shakeup.

Johnny Depp has been in the news over the past few years and faced recent allegations of domestic abuse by his ex-wife. Depp has also given some bizarre interviews. According to Movie Web, Stuart Beattie has not confirmed or denied that Johnny Depp was axed from the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.

However, he said that he thinks Depp had a great run and that he made the character Jack Sparrow his own, and has now become famous for the role.

Johnny Depp's time as Jack Sparrow is coming to an end

The Daily Mail reported that the POTC franchise is expected to be rebooted, as Disney is looking to sign Deadpool writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick to helm the new project. Despite his latest scandal, it appears Depp could be dropped either way. Disney also recently cut "Guardians of the Galaxy," director James Gunn over controversial tweets, so it appears Disney is cracking down, making it appear that Depp would not be welcome with Disney either.

Beattie also said that Depp will be remembered for his work as Captain Jack Sparrow.

Depp played the role five times and has made visits to children's hospitals, dressed as Captain Sparrow. "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales," ended up grossing $794 million globally, last year. This made it the second-worst in the POTC franchise's history. While that number may be good, Movie Web says that lack of interest and Depp's personal problems are the main reasons for a potential reboot.

Fans are also concerned about Depp's health, which appears to be failing.

'Pirates of the Caribbean' made Johnny Depp an A-list star

Before Depp became Captain Jack Sparrow, he was mainly an independent actor that starred in several Tim Burton directed films. He was seen as some strange and quirky actor and in no way a real movie star.

Beattie said that people considered him crazy for casting him at the start of the POTC. His strong performance as Sparrow turned him into a mainstream success.

As he rides into the sunset, Johnny Depp will continue making appearances as Captain Jack Sparrow at children's hospitals. It will now be interesting to see where Johnny Depp goes next, though he has already been cast for "Fantastic Beasts 3." A non-Johnny Depp Jack Sparrow will take fans a little bit of getting used to, while Disney has yet to name a potential new actor to take over the role.