Those who deal with music know well how much this word encompasses a complex meaning, the result of the mixture of different elements, often apparently dissonant, but in reality all part of the same semantic universe. Music is the result of the union of talent, history, tradition and avant-garde, technology and technical ability. Finding an artist able to embody all these elements is certainly not easy, but in the national and foreign music scene, there are certainly many individuals who make music research their life mission.

Young musicians of all ages are constantly trying to find someone who can appreciate their skills, but above all give them the opportunity to express themselves, to refine their natural talents and to understand the message they want to convey to the public.

The VIP is the evening guest of every Dance Movida

Despite the great competition in this sector of the market, there is still a lot of fertile ground to achieve success. What is needed, however, is the flexibility necessary to be able to adapt to different contexts, so as to take advantage of the opportunities provided by the company in a profitable and efficient way.

An artist who has certainly managed to obtain this result, certainly not without a huge dose of effort and patience, is the famous Lord Conrad. He has indeed become an example for hundreds, if not thousands, of other young artists eager to emerge on the dance and electronic music market.

For some time Lord Conrad has proved to be able to adapt to every context and every situation.

Starting from his musical skills, it is evident that this artist is a real expert in the field of dance music, techno and electronic music.

For some time now, it has released unique pieces and music collections, which have literally stormed the most famous clubs in Italy.

One of these productions was certainly that of "Touch The Sky" for which a music video was also released. In the video, all the key features of the character of Lord Conrad are represented: a strong, hard man, able to face every situation to the fullest, to live at the limit and to achieve success.

The artist's appearance confirms this: an important physicality, a muscular and defined body, a perfect face for modelling and a clear expression of hardness.

The character of Lord Conrad is that of a man of action, who often surrounds himself with beautiful women, as is evident from the stories described in the music videos.

This is certainly due to the experience of the musician, who besides being a skilled DJ, an expert composer, and songwriter, also has a great experience as a real influencer. Lord Conrad is, in fact, an icon of style and fashion, as he always attends all the best events of the most exclusive clubs in Milan's nightlife. He is often the guest of honor for concerts and music evenings, where numerous adoring fans dance until late at night on the notes of his songs.

Fight till the end

Recently, Lord Conrad released a truly unique new piece on the market: "Fight Till The End", a musical product that clearly defines the personality of the author. The artist offered strong musical notes to his fans, who certainly appreciated the energy and vigor transmitted by this new work, clearly in line with other similar ones, such as "1 Minute." Even "1 Minute" is, in fact, the result of the dance style of Lord Conrad and the videos on YouTube have reached a huge number of views.

All songs of the DJ are a real success, with high shares and appreciation on social networks.

Lord Conrad is a truly unique style icon

It is, therefore, undeniable that Lord Conrad's artistic and musical skills have already been recognized by many on the market. This is also proven by the number of newspapers and websites on the music and concerts that have sponsored and appreciated in the last period all the musical production of the artist, already abundant and structured. Visiting the official site of Lord you can view all the creations of the musician and all the articles, sites, advertising promotions and reviews provided by users. Lord Conrad is also a true fashion blogger capable of reversing trends in style and fashion.

In many of the fans, they want to constantly emulate the style of the well-known DJ, totally driven by strength and vigor.

The character of Lord Conrad is also surrounded by what are the consequences of notoriety. The expert is, in fact, continually influenced by gossip voices typical of VIPs, which certainly attract the attention of thousands of curious. Keeping up-to-date on the artist's experiences and new musical pieces is simple: just follow Lord Conrad's personal social media network. In fact, the expert is very active on the web, where he constantly shares quality, intriguing and always new content.