The CW Network streamed a new trailer for "Arrow" Season 7 and it features the introduction of Ricardo Diaz's new villainous team, The Longbow Hunters, as they hunt down Oliver Queen's team members one by one.

The network also released the first official photo of Ruby Rose as Kate Kane (Batwoman) in the next Arrowverse crossover event in December. Season 7 will focus on Oliver's time in prison after he surrenders to the FBI for his activities as the Green Arrow. It also resulted in the team disbandment and they moved on with their lives, however, a new Green Arrow has emerged in Star City and they must find who is the person behind the hood.

Meet the Longbow Hunters

The new "Arrow" starts with Oliver doing his time in prison as he desperately tries to keep himself grounded and not involved in several prison riots. However, his past enemies are provoking him to do something, as they make several steps to ensure that they make his prison life a living hell.

The scattered Team Arrow members are also busy protecting Star City in their own way, but they soon find out that their old enemy Ricardo Diaz has returned and brought his new team, The Longbow Hunters. Screen Rant reported that the members of the team are Red Dart, Kodiak, and Silencer, and they will help Diaz take back the criminal underworld and the whole city. The trailer also reveals a new Green Arrow, who is far more brutal and calculating against criminals.

Diggle, Felicity Smoak, and the others must find out who this new Emerald Archer is before Diaz and his team hunt him down and kill him.

Ruby Rose's Batwoman costume revealed

According to Polygon, The CW Network released the first official look Ruby Rose in her Batwoman costume in the new Arrowverse crossover event titled "Elseworlds." Just like the DC comics, Rose's costume features the classic cape and cowl, pale white make-up, and the red wig and bat insignia.

Her origins will likely be the same as she is a former military trainee at West Point but was kicked out for being a lesbian. She is inspired by Batman after she saved her, and used her training and military connections to become a vigilante.

The crossover will have The Flash, Green Arrow, and Supergirl travel to Gotham City and their misadventures led them to their first encounter with the female cape crusader. Elseworlds will also feature Tyler Hoechlin's Superman and the Arrowverse version of Lois Lane. "Arrow" Season 7 will premiere on October 15 on the CW Network.