Spoiler alerts for "The Young and the Restless" suggest a couple of scenarios that would indicate that two Genoa City residents are scamming the ones they love. Soap Hub brings up the possibility that there are no bad guys stalking Tessa and threatening her for large sums of money. She may simply be deceiving Mariah for other reasons. Soap Dirt says viewers should consider the fact that Eileen Davidson will be exiting her role in November. The spoiler teases that perhaps Ashley was so angry with Jack that she paid the lab tech to tamper with his DNA results.

When the truth comes to light she may be so ashamed that she leaves Genoa City.

Tessa may be scamming Mariah and Sharon

When Tessa came back to town it seemed as though "Y&R " was going to develop the relationship she has with Mariah. Instead, the direction shifted to Ms. Porter's story of needing money to pay off a large debt, Mariah took her at her word, but Sharon was skeptical and even asked if she was trying to run a scam. Since that time Tessa said she was attacked in the coffee house and that the loan sharks have been calling her.

Tessa claims the bad guys used a restricted phone number which cannot be traced, and no one was inside Sharon's establishment when the alleged attack occurred.

On Tuesday (September 18) she was in the Hamilton/Winters office and hid behind a desk when she heard footsteps. She did not appear upset, but when Mariah walked into the room, Tessa said she was afraid someone was after her. Time will tell if she is indeed scamming those who love her.

Ashley may be deceiving Jack

Soap Dirt suggests that the exit of Eileen Davidson from "The Young and the Restless" may have a twist.

Spoilers say that Ashley could have bribed the lab technician to switch the test results to indicate that John Abbott was not Jack's biological father. This would have been her way of seeking revenge for her sibling enforcing the blood Abbott clause at Jabot. The fact that Ashley is working with Kyle to take Billy down is an indication of how far she is willing to go to get her way.

Finding out that he is an Abbott would be traumatic for Jack. If indeed his sister went to such lengths to deceive him, there will be no one in Ashey's corner. The fact that she herself is not a blood Abbott may lead to her being fired from Jabot and she may leave town out of shame and guilt. This brings up the issue of Dina's health and whether or not her daughter will be around when the end comes.

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