Spoiler alerts for "The Young and the Restless" tease that all three Abbott men will have blasts from their pasts that meet them in the here and now. Soap Dirt suggests that Billy, Kyle, and Jack will all have a tough week. Celeb Dirty Laundry teases that Kyle's former association with Victor will come back to haunt him -- big time. Jack will no doubt be reeling from the revelation that he may share DNA with his sworn enemy and Billy's gambling is going to spiral out of control due to the manipulation of his nephew. Spoilers say there will be big trouble in store for the Abbott and Newman families once again.

Kyle and Billy front and center in Genoa City

Soap Dirt spoilers say that Kyle will flirt with newcomer Lola and this may lead to a possible romance. It will not, however, stop him from plotting the downfall of his father's brother. The spoiler indicates that Kyle will find evidence that Billy used $500,000 of Jabot's money to settle a gambling debt. He will give this information to Ashley who will not know how to handle the situation. This puts young Mr. Abbott and his uncle front and center this week.

Spoilers say Billy is spiraling out of control as his past gambling addiction takes over yet again. Ironically, while his nephew is waiting for him to crash, Celeb Dirty Laundry says a blast from Kyle's past will make his own life uncomfortable.

The spoiler does not give details but viewers remember that Kyle is the one who gave Victor the flash drive, so Victor knows that Dina said Jack is not her son. He desperately wanted to work at Newman Enterprises but was dismissed after Victor got what he wanted. It's possible that the Newman patriarch may demand his pound of flesh from the young man who may end up being his nephew.

Jack's past catches up with him

Soap Dirt suggests that Jack may have his hands full trying to find out if Albert Miller is his biological father. While Victor has demanded that his nemesis stop poking around in his family business, his half-brother may give Jack exactly what he needs. Spoilers indicate that Matt Miller will show up in Genoa City this week and he may provide DNA that will solve this mystery once and for all.

Jack has been desperately searching for his biological father and it looks like he finally may have answers. Victor does not want to verify that he and Jack are brothers but spoilers say his sibling Albert Miller is coming to Genoa City this week. The truth will finally be revealed so make sure you don't miss these exciting episodes of "The Young and the Restless." The past is about to catch up with the Abbott men so stay tuned.