"The Young and the Restless" continues to flirt with danger when it comes to the daughter of Phyllis and the son of Diane. Some time back it was believed that Jack was Summer's biological father -- which would make Kyle her half-brother. It was later determined that Nick was Summer's dad, but she and Kyle went their separate ways. Recently the two were about to hook up after Summer lost a bet but Kyle changed his mind. It's a good thing he did because they could be related by blood. If Victor and Jack have the same biological father, that would make Ms.

Newman and young Mr. Abbott cousins.

'Y&R' pushes boundaries with Summer and Kyle

For whatever reason, "The Young and the Restless" keeps pushing the boundaries when it comes to Kyle and Summer. The couple kissed and they've both seen each other in various states of undress. The writers knew they were taking the storyline in the direction of Victor and Jack being siblings, but allowed the couple to get hot and heavy anyway. On Friday, September 14, Rey and Arturo's sister Lola came to town and spoiler alerts from Soaps She Knows and Celeb Dirty Laundry indicate that she may be a new love interest for Kyle.

On Monday, September 17, Kyle made it clear to Summer that they were done, and that he does not even want to be her friend.

She seemed truly troubled that she had hurt him but he was not interested in her apology. CDL says that trouble will come Kyle's way this week, and that his past with Victor will catch up with him. He is also going to give Ashey evidence that Billy used Jabot money to pay a gambling debt. Should he find out that his anger toward his uncle was for naught because he never had a chance with Summer anyway, it may be too late to undo any damage he causes.

Summer and Kyle may finally have closure

"The Young and the Restless" needs to bring closure to this storyline and allow Kyle and Summer to move on. If they are cousins it will change their dynamic once again and it's best they go in separate directions. Soap viewers are not fans of incestuous storylines -- even those that are only implied.

The show is already taking heat because Paul Williams is no longer a major character in Genoa City and because Victor Newman will not be seen for a while.

Spoilers don't say whether or not Lola will be here for the long haul but she certainly will be much better for Kyle than the impetuous Summer. Kyle will need someone to lean on if he has to deal with the fact that Victor is his grandfather. If true, this would put him in line to be groomed to run Newman Enterprises. After the initial shock wears off, Jack's son may turn out to be the heir-apparent that Victor has been seeking -- and he may get the job he's wanted all along.

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