"General Hospital" spoilers indicate that Robin is going to be the voice of reason for family and friends before she exits Port Charles. By the time she leaves town, she will have caused recent events to be put into perspective for herself as well as quite a few others. Mrs. Scorpio Drake has already come to terms with the fact that she has a half-brother whose father was Faison, and that her parents kept Peter from being prosecuted for his role in Jason's being in Russia. She has helped Maxie, Anna, Jason, and even Peter see things differently and now according to Soap Hub she will help her mother and Nina come full circle where Mr.

August is concerned.

Robin is the voice of reason for Port Charles

Whenever Robin Scorpio Drake pops into Port Charles she seems to always be the calm voice of reason that everyone pays attention to. Her most recent trip to her hometown was to deal with the fact that Peter August is her half-brother. In the short amount of time, she has been back, Robin has helped a number of her family and friends see recent events differently and she herself even has a new outlook on life.

Robin met with Peter and agreed that in time they may be able to have some type of relationship. She forgave Anna and said she understood why her mother kept her sibling a secret for so many years and even helped Maxie and her mom come to terms with their different feelings towards Mr.

August. Mrs. Scorpio Drake discussed with Jason how she really felt about her parents keeping Peter from being prosecuted for his crimes and Jason admitted he would not retaliate because of his respect for Robin and Anna. Now, according to "GH" spoilers from Soap Hub spoilers, she will even assist Anna and Nina in coming full circle.

Robin helps Nina and Anna

Nina has been suspicious of and at odds with Anna ever since she found out about her past connection to Valentin. Now "GH" spoilers indicate that Robin will set the stage for the relationship between the two women to change. Nina is grateful that Peter kept her role in his kidnapping a secret but like Anna is furious with her soon to be ex-husband because his actions led to Peter being raised from a child by Faison.

Like Maxie and Lulu Nina has a love/hate relationship with Mr. August and perhaps now she can come to terms with her emotions.

Robin's chat with her brother may even help him mend fences with their mother but, for now, that relationship remains strained. "General Hospital" spoilers from Celeb Dirty Laundry indicate that there will be a lot of drama in the coming weeks for Robin's loved ones. Let's hope her words of wisdom will get them through until the next time she returns to Port Charles.