Lily and Hilary's sparring has been a big part of "The Young and the Restless" for the past five years. Now, however, that dynamic has changed due to the choices of Mishael Morgan and Christel Khalil. Morgan did not renew her contract, so her character, Hilary, was killed off. Khalil has chosen to be on the show on a recurring basis, so fans will see less of Mrs. Ashby in Genoa City. Celeb Dirty Laundry states that life will be drastically different for their family and friends, but the show will go on. Soaps She Knows indicates, that this week, Cane and Lily will be adjusting to her being in jail.

In time, however, everything about their relationship will change.

'Y&R' will not suffer without Hilary and Lily

Kyle is a hero and Jack and Ashley are worried. Daytime dramas move forward all the time after the loss of major actors. On "Y&R," Lauralee Bell, who portrays Christine, has been on a recurring status for years. She shows up from time to time and has scenes with onscreen husband Paul, or handles a court case. Fans have adjusted, over time, but Lily and Hilary have been front and center in major recent storylines. For this reason, there may be more of an adjustment time that will be needed

CDL emphasizes that Cane, Charley, and Mattie will now have to deal with life without Lily around.

The teens could go off to college, get jobs, or fall in love. They are at an age where they no longer need their mother's constant presence. Cane, however, will need more of a storyline than visiting his wife in jail. He may take on a larger role at Chancellor or be given more airtime as a father to the baby, Sam. Devon, in time, will more than likely find love again and perhaps eventually have the child he so desperately wants.

"The Young and the Restless" will not suffer without Lily and Hilary.

Genoa City will adjust and move on

Abby will certainly miss her best friend and has her hands full with Arturo and Rey. She may even find another BFF in Geno City. The Hamilton/Winters Group will need to fill Lily's shoes and may hire someone new, or give Mariah more responsibility.

Phyllis is so busy keeping up with Summer's antics and Billy's gambling that she may not have time to grieve for and miss her moments with Hilary.

"Y&R" may simply choose to drop the focus on G.C. Buzz and The Hilary Hour, and have Devon and Neil explore other options. They may end up spending more time with Nate or eventually find love again. Soap operas have a way of writing the scripts so that the actors and fans alike have their focus shift from the beloved characters they miss. Head writer Mal Young even hinted that Adam and Chelsea may return.

Hilary is gone and not coming back. Lily will still be around.