There's less than one month left for the premiere of the new season of "The Walking Dead" and the new trailer for the season 9 has got everyone excited.

The show took a different turn from the comics in the last two seasons, but this time the show is going to completely change its direction from the comics with the absence of Rick Grimes.

New trailer

The new trailer was revealed on the official YouTube channel of AMC and it foreshadows the eventual death of the main protagonist of the show. Watch the trailer below:

After the battle between the Alexandrians and the Saviors, Rick stood victorious against Negan.

He brought all the communities together, but now all of them are questioning his leadership, even Daryl and Maggi are against him. Amid the tension, a new group of enemies will be making its way towards the remaining survivors, comic fans already know them as The Whisperers. You can hear them saying "Where are they?" at the end of the trailer.

Who are The Whisperers?

The Whisperers is a mysterious group of survivors who blend in walker hordes by disguising themselves in walker skin, a technique Rick and his group have used before. Ryan Hurst (from Sons of Anarchy) has been cast as Beta for the upcoming season of "The Walking Dead."

Beta will be the major antagonist who belongs to The Whisperers.

He is a bulky and fearsome character who takes orders from Alpha. Alpha is the leader of the large Whisperer horde and she enters the story by showing the full extent of her wrath to Rick and his allies. She kills several members of Rick’s community before they finally notice that another threat is on its way.

Alpha is really close to her daughter, Lydia (played by Cassady McClincy), in the series.

Now that Carl's dead on the TV show, we don't know how Lydia's character is going to impact the show, considering that Carl and Lydia's relationship was a main part of the upcoming arc in the comic.

After almost two seasons, we'll finally get to see Glen and Maggi's baby, but we're still not sure if Maggi's is going to name the baby after a fan-favorite character on the show as well.

According to the Comicbook, Rick will more likely appear in five to six episode of season nine before he leaves the show.

Some fans think that the show will see the death of Rick Grimes and give other characters the opportunity to lead the show, while others think that his allies might exile him from their communities, thus leaving a space for him to return to later in the show. "The Walking Dead" season 9 is set to return on Sunday, October 7.