Spoiler alerts for "General Hospital" tease that the explosion in Charlie's pub will unearth secrets and lies that have been buried for decades, thanks to Mike. On Monday Sonny's dad tampered with the gas line underneath Julian's establishment and caused an explosion.

On Tuesday, detective Chase was snooping around in the basement for the weapon that was used to loosen the gas line, but instead uncovered a corpse Soap Hub indicates that an investigation will take place and Mike and Sonny are going to be in big trouble. This may finally be the crime that the mob boss will have to do time for his crimes.

Soaps She Knows say Margaux and Jordan will join forces and it could be to take the mob boss down.

Sonny and Mike must answer for their crime

Mike wanted to make the dead body disappear to keep Sonny from being prosecuted for the murder. He instead caused the remains to be unearthed by detective Chase. Previews at the end of Tuesday's episode showed the detective asking Julian about the remains he uncovered. Soap Hub spoilers say Mr. Jerome will remain mum for now because he does not want to do anything to make life worse for Mike who has Alzheimer's disease.

Soaps She Knows teases that the new DA and the police chief will be working on something big together. They may team up to work on this case and see that Sonny finally is prosecuted for a crime he committed.

Margaux has been looking for a way to take down the Port Charles mob boss and Chase uncovering the body underneath Julian's pub might just be pay dirt for the new DA. Mike's medical condition may interfere with how he is handled by the PCPD, but it looks like his son is going down for this crime.

Mike's condition will affect Julian and Chase

Both Julian and Chase have a soft spot for Mike Corbin and neither want him to be in any serious trouble. Mr. Jerome will have to tread carefully because Sonny's dad is Christina's grandfather and he does not want to alienate Alexis. He also seems to have a soft spot for Mr. Corbin and knows the ailing man will not do well in prison.

Chase also has shown empathy for Sonny's dad, but he is sworn to uphold the law.

With Margaux gunning for the Corinthos family, detective Chase must be sure to tow the line. Julian will be on guard and maybe even use the circumstances to his advantage.

Spoilers don't say how this will turn out but tease we can't miss episodes in the next few weeks. Both Soap Hub and Soaps She Knows promise updates as they come in so be sure to tune in to "General Hospital" weekday afternoons on ABC at 2:00 PM EST.