Launched in 2010 on AMC, ''The Walking Dead'' rapidly turned into a global phenomenon. It sure helped that it presented a post-apocalyptic world in a manner that put morbid realism at the center of the machine. It was indeed a game changer, and its success came as a natural consequence. Raw, violent, unique and also terrifying, the show came with an offer the vast majority had no reason to reject.

Season 8 reached its conclusion a while ago, but that did little to help its fans settling down their urges. There is a sentiment of disapproval among them as many are finding the latest seasons boring and predictable.

Moreover, it seems like the dosage of dynamism is at a low level.

The fans are trapped inside a recurrent world that exploits their addiction

Rick Grimes does and also unwrap the strings of the world presented in ''The Walking Dead''. A complex character who has never stopped transforming, the former police officer has been leading an Atlanta-based group of survivors through a harsh environment. The deads are lurking at every step, and the same goes for other enemies. Fighting off various human threats is part of that flatness that tends to alter the dynamism.

''The Walking Dead'' has created a sweeping phenomenon. For many fans, the whole world revolves around this particular show. People are now planning their days around each new piece, and that created a huge solid foundation.

It also created an addiction-like state, and although most are aware of the decreasing quality of the show, they would still be watching it.

Negan and his group ''the Saviors'' played the antagonist role for two and a half seasons. That crippled most of the show's momentum and threw us into a redundant play.

Season 9 has been confirmed, but the cancelation threat is still there

''The Walking Dead'' has been a part of today's culture for quite some time. But, somewhere along the way it took the decision to trade longevity for quality and that produced some damages.

Negan and ''the Saviors'' were crushed and the next big question is how Rick Grimes and his universe will shape in the aftermath of a kill-or-be-killed era.

Moreover, some consider that it might be just about time to prepare us for the big finale.

It's difficult to picture the show's finale, but it's a possibility floating around for a while. The biggest challenge would be finding a way to to make it even and to reconcile all the main characters. From that point of view, to find a cure for the disease could do the trick but it's still a long shot to take.

And, there's also the possibility of the show to be canceled at some point in the future.