In what can be described as the biggest surprises at the box-office is the Sci-Fi Horror, “The Meg” from Warner Bros which has earned an astounding $146.9M Globally in the opening weekend.

The Jason Statham flick has powered its way into the Top Box Office slot and has recovered its cost of $130 million production budget. The film which is a Chinese Co-Production has also set the ticket counters ringing internationally and raked in $146.9 million globally.

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'The Meg' proves experts wrong

August is generally a lean season for the box-office, and when “The Meg” was slated for release, it was described as foolhardy and reckless by most of the industry experts.

However not only has the audience proved the experts wrong, but it also led to a 25 percent increase in BO collections as compared to last year.

"The Meg" opened well above expectations and the American-Chinese co-production between Warner Bros. and China’s Gravity Pictures, also did good business in the overseas market. It earned $50.3 million in China, and the international collections touched $146.9 million.

Unimaginable and straightforward Story does the trick

The simple plot of an unimaginable and 75-foot long prehistoric shark known as the Megalodon attacking a deep-sea submarine endeared to the audience even though the flick was made on a shoestring budget and lacked finesse.

Jason Statham plays the role of a rescue diver Jonas Taylor who is contracted to find the deep submersible which went missing in the Mariana Trenches, one of the deepest parts of the planet.

Watch the trailer:

It was dubbed as the poor man’s Jaws, and experts gave very little chance of it even recovering the costs. But here we have the David has once again overcome the Goliaths like Tom Cruise's latest blockbuster “Mission Impossible: Fallout” off the top position after remaining unbeaten for two weeks at number one.

If "The Meg" continues its dream run this week also, Warner Bros may think of having a sequel because that is how things operate.

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