Spoiler alerts for "The Young and the Restless" tease that Summer and Kyle may be finally getting ready to heat things up. The couple had a bet that if she got Billy into bed by the end of September, Kyle would have to give Summer his beloved sports car. If Ms. Newman was not able to seduce her mother's boyfriend, then she had to give Kyle a night of passion. On Thursday Summer conceded, to her ex, that she would give him a night to remember. Soaps She Knows confirms that next week, the couple will begin to heat things up. They could end up falling in love again, or simply remain friends with benefits who plot against family members.

Summer gives Kyle what he wants

One of the factors motivating Kyle to want Billy to fall from grace is the fact that Summer was crushing on her mom's boyfriend. She was so caught up in her desire to hurt Phyllis, that she did not care that her ex still had feelings for her. Day after day Ms. Newman outlined her plan of seduction to Kyle, all the while knowing it was causing him to be green with envy.

Unknown to Summer, however, is the fact that it was Kyle who alerted her mother to her plan to try to get Billy in bed. The plot failed and now spoilers say Summer will give Kyle what he wants. Soaps She Knows teases that on September 12, the once and future lovers will get passionate and heat things up in Genoa City.. On September 14, she will tell him to take off his shoes, because it is time to settle the bet.

Kyle and Summer need to grow up

"Y&R" spoilers don't indicate whether or not hooking up with Kyle will have any profound effect on Summer but Soaps She Knows does say that she will continue to vex her mother. Both Kyle and Summer are selfish and don't care how their actions affect others. Kyle is so focused on getting her in bed that he is not heeding Ashley's warnings about setting Billy up to become addicted to gambling again.

He also needs to be level-headed in order to support Jack, who Celeb Dirty Laundry says will find out that Victor Newman may be his father or half-brother.

Summer wants revenge on Phyllis for not being a great mother, and Kyle wants Billy to suffer because Summer desired to hook up with him. Both actions are childish and this duo needs to grow up and make decisions like adults.

Ms. Newman may keep her promise to give Kyle a night to remember, then blow him off. Their one night may be no more than her settling the bet. Summer might find out she still has feelings for her former lover after all and decide to give him another chance. Be on the lookout for updated spoiler alerts and continue watching "The Young and the Restless" weekday afternoons at 12:30 PM EST on CBS.