The latest updates and spoilers for "The Flash" Season 5 reveal details about the newest "big bad" of the show, Cicada. Cast member Grant Gustin revealed new information about Cicada during an interview with Cinemablend and he explained his powers and motives in the upcoming season.

Gustin's co-star Jessica Parker Kennedy talked about Nora's relationship with her mother, Iris, and how she is cold and distant towards her. The fifth season will focus on Barry and Iris West-Allen helping their daughter get back home to the future after she made several mistakes in the present.

They will also encounter new threats that were caused by Nora's meddling in the timeline.

More on Cicada

According to Cinemablend, Grant Gustin said that Team Flash will learn about Cicada early in the show after the arrival of Nora at their family household in season 4. He described Cicada as a big, mysterious, and intimidating guy. His abilities and motives make him a much bigger threat than the other "big bads" from the past seasons.

"He can dampen other metahuman powers, and we don't know at first how he's able to do that," Gustin told Cinemablend. "He's got an edge that no other big bad has ever had. We don't know who he is. He's mysterious."

Cicada is a metahuman with the ability to disable other meta's powers making them useless during battle.

He also has a grudge against them because of how dangerous they are in public and bring nothing but death and destruction to Central City. He makes it his mission to eradicate them including The Flash and his team.

Nora is also partially responsible for Cicada's creation due to the changes she made in the present. Executive producer Todd Helbing told Entertainment Weekly in a previous interview, that Cicada's backstory will be different in the show wherein he is a stalking meta serial killer as opposed to a cultist looking for followers in the comics.

Mother-daughter relationship problems

"The Flash" TV series new cast member, Jessica Parker Kennedy, revealed new details about Nora's relationship with Iris in the fifth season as she told TV Line that her character has a bit of a "cold shoulder" towards her mother. Kennedy added that Nora's goal was to spend time with her father as much as possible, and wants to impress him.

Main cast member Candice Patton, told TV Line that Iris and Nora will not get along very well as the season progresses, and she has no idea why. Perhaps this has something to do with the numerous mistakes that Nora made in the present, or they both had a falling out in the future that led to her time traveling into the past to save her father.

"The Flash" will premiere on October 9 on the CW Network.