"The Flash" Season 5 spoilers reveal new details about Barry and Iris West-Allen's daughter, Nora. The Daily Express reported that cast member Jessica Parker Kennedy talked about the secrets that Nora is hiding from her parents, and how they play out in the show's storyline.

Grant Gustin posted Barry Allen's new costume for this season and "Sacred Lies" actress Kiana Madeira joins the cast as Spencer Young. Season 5 will feature Team Flash helping Nora get back to the future after she made several mistakes in the present timeline. They will also have to contend with a new main antagonist, Cicada, who wants to get rid of all metahumans in Central City.

New Flash costume revealed

"The Flash" star Grant Gustin posted the new Flash suit on Instagram, and its appearance is more comic book accurate than the past seasons of the CW Network TV series. The suit resembles the classic design of the Scarlet Speedster in 1956, with his chin exposed and retaining its classic red color scheme and lighting designs.

Barry's last suit was destroyed during his final fight with Clifford DeVoe (The Thinker), during the Season 4 finale. It is unknown yet if Cisco Ramon made special modifications and equipment for the suit. Before Barry wears it, he will first suit up in his Season 1 outfit, thanks to Nora, to stop a new metahuman villain in the Season 5 premiere.

He will also store the new suit inside the Flash ring, similar to the comics.

New details on Nora and Spin joins the show

According to the Daily Express, Jessica Parker Kennedy shared more details about Nora during the San Diego Comic-Con event and stated that her character has a lot of secrets that she is hiding. Kennedy added that the producers and writers already told her about the full flow of Season 5 and admitted that it was hard for her to keep it a secret.

“So now I know most of the season, and what’s going on, but they told it to me in a flash,” Kennedy said. “They told me as fast as they could possibly tell me, so I was trying to take all of it in. There’s so much in every season.”

Deadline reported that Kian Madeira will be playing Spencer Young (a.k.a. the DC villain, Spin), and she will be in a recurring role on the show.

Originally a male character in the comics, Spencer, in the show, is described as a young aspiring social media influencer, who seizes every opportunity to make herself noticed. She then claims to discover a new superhero in Central City and feels this will boost her popularity.