Teen Mom OG” star Catelynn Lowell recently shared the exciting news that she and her husband Tyler Baltierra are expecting another baby, which will be the third child for the married couple, as US Weekly Magazine reported on September 23. As teens, the pair decided in 2009 that it was best for their first child to be adopted by a loving family since they were both so young and aimed for their first-born to have all the best life has to offer in a stable and loving home.

The expectant mother also posted the sonogram image of her unborn baby, on Instagram, on September 23.

In sharing the sonogram photo, Catelynn captioned her post, noting that she “can’t wait to meet [her] little nugget.” Fans are super thrilled to see not only the image but that she and Tyler are having another baby. The couple has long been a fan favorite since MTV launched its branded franchise “Teen Mom” reality shows.

While Catelynn's popularity on Instagram flourishes, another former reality television star shut down her Instagram for an unknown reason. Hannah Gosselin's account was suddenly closed after a flurry of media reports about her parents' still feuding over child custody. Therefore, it is refreshing for fans to follow a reality star, such as Catelynn, whose life is not mired in controversy.

Fans are thrilled to see baby's image

Dedicated fans have followed the couple on MTV from the time when they were making the decision for the future of their first-born daughter, through the ups-and-downs of their teen relationship that grew into a marital commitment in 2015, a miscarriage, and the revelation Catelynn relayed about having mental illness.

Fans feel invested in their lives and thrilled to also share in the couple’s good news.

Catelynn also posted an image, on Instagram on September 20, of the food she is currently craving most during her pregnancy. She captioned the photo: "My number one craving so far!! I could eat the whole jar."

One of her followers, using the online handle @erinhaighs1, responded by stating, "I was in love with hot wings for my son, peaches for my girl." Based on the account user's cravings, she is predicting that Catelynn and Tyler will have a baby boy.

Couple is expecting their 'rainbow baby' following ‘the storm’

Catelynn told US Weekly earlier this month that she and Tyler, the CEO of Tierra Reign, consider their expectant child their rainbow baby. As the “Teen Mom OG” cast member explained, the baby is their “rainbow after the storm.” Catelynn’s and Tyler’s eldest daughter, affectionately nicknamed Carly (for Carolyn Elizabeth) is nine. They do have annual visits with her. Their second child, also a girl, is NovaLee Reign. She is three.

Though the reality show couple was not planning to expand their family anytime soon, it does not diminish the excitement they feel. The young mom, who is now 26, stated that their idea was to wait before having more children in light of her mental health suffering a huge downward spiral following a miscarriage.

During an episode of “Teen Mom OG” in February, fans became aware of the loss of Catelynn’s and Tyler’s baby, which happened in January, which E! Online noted.

MTV reality stars open about mental illness

Following the miscarriage, Catelynn felt suicidal and opted for rehab, the Daily Mail (UK) reported on the same day that Catelynn posted her baby’s sonogram for her 3.2 million Instagram followers to also appreciate. The couple’s baby is predicted to be born on March 6, 2019, according to the Daily Mail.

Both Catelynn and Tyler have been totally forthcoming about their mental health in the hopes that it will lessen the stigma about mental illness. Fans have not been remiss in respecting them for the courage the two have so openly displayed with the hope of helping other people.

Another of MTV reality star, Jenelle Evans, who is featured on "Teen Mom 2," is also striving to help people in North Carolina following Hurricane Florence.

Catelynn and Tyler want a boy

After having three daughters, Catelynn told US Weekly that she and her husband feel hopeful that the baby is possibly a boy. They want a boy. She additionally stated that if she delivers a girl, that is also great. “So it’s, like, if we’re just meant to have girls, we’re meant to have girls,” she said.

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