Kate and Jon Gosselin, parents of eight teens, have waged a public custody battle in the years following their 2009 divorce. The parents have not shielded fans from their disdain for each other. Social media followers have missed seeing the children and knowing how they are doing since their parents’ breakup. Fans and followers appeared delighted to see recent back to school photos of all but one of the Gosselin children.

Kate and Jon each posted pictures on their individual Instagram accounts. Kate’s photo of six of the Gosselin children included twins Mady and Cara, as well as their younger siblings: Leah, Alexis, Joel, and Aaden.

Not pictured were son Collin, who lives away from his family, and daughter Hannah.

Custody battle resumes in the headlines

While Kate was insistent that she has full custody of the former couple’s twins and the sextuplets, it turns out that she was not as straightforward as possible, according to several news agencies. A judge actually gave Jon custody of Hannah, who is now 14. She has been living with Jon for months now. He posted a back to school photo of her, standing alone outside of where he lives.

Not long after the picture of Hannah was shared on Jon’s Instagram account, his daughter’s account was closed. There is speculation that the teen’s account being shut down is related to the custody issues between her parents.

Kate against her children being on social media

Kate has not favored her children having social media accounts. When a fan pretended on Instagram to be Alexis, for instance, Kate “even blasted” the fan, Radar Online reported on August 30. The Hollywood Gossip also reported on Hannah’s Instagram account being closed. “Hannah deleted her Instagram account," the publication noted.

The reason for Hannah’s account being closed could have an alternate explanation, posted by one of Kate’s social media followers. The Instagram user commented on a photo of Leah hugging the family dog. The picture was posted on July 27, and many users have commented on it since.

Man’s bad behavior might explain why the account was deleted

Some fans are asking about the Gosselin teens and whether they have social media accounts. User @_lovely_keke_97 responded, saying that Hannah had an account, but that they would not tag it.

Another user asked whether others had seen Hannah’s Instagram the day before. Kate’s followers asked what happened. According to one of Kate’s followers, a man reportedly “joined” Hannah live and engaged in inappropriate activities. Based on comments made by @dani_amy5, Jon closed the account, not Kate. When @kellym3480 asked how the man was able to “join live,” someone apparently accepted a request.

If the user’s comments are accurate, it would explain why Hannah’s Instagram account was shut down. If Kate wanted her daughter’s account closed, she likely could have closed it prior to the custody drama resurfacing.

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