Jenelle Evans may be a lot of things, but one thing she is not is self-absorbed to the extreme that her critics wish for people to believe. Instead of shrinking back and staying out of the public’s eye on social media after her home state was hit by Hurricane Florence, Evans plunged forward, letting people know of specific supplies that are needed at a shelter in Boiling Springs, North Carolina, for instance. The point of posting to her social media was not to take away from the seriousness of hurricane’s aftermath, but to move people to help others in need right now, a point In Touch Weekly noted on September 22.

“She’s using her platform for a good cause,” In Touch pointed out. While many people hold firm to the belief that Jenelle initially did not think or act as though Hurricane Florence was a serious weather event, with the potential for devastating effects, the MTV star appears to grasp the aftermath, as does "Southern Charm" star Craig Conover. Like Jenelle, he is using his social media accounts to bolster awareness of the hurricane's effects while he assists in recovery efforts.

Star reaches out for relief supplies

In the days following the hurricane, Jenelle has been relaying updates on her social media accounts. She has also shared videos on her YouTube channel JETV. The reality star has also been seeking relief supplies from her social media followers.

For instance, she tweeted on September 18 that the shelter in Boiling Springs, North Carolina, was in need of items such as water, milk, diapers, and blankets. In putting out the message to her followers, she also mentioned that board games were sought if “possible.”

Hurricane Florence ravaged Jenelle’s home state, displacing residents and leaving many without necessities.

Regardless of what her critics believe, the devastation created by Florence seems to have penetrated Jenelle’s often tough exterior.

Jenelle urges people to ‘rebuild’ North Carolina

She posted on Instagram on September 22 that people should join forces to “rebuildNorth Carolina, Pop Culture reported.

Before and during Hurricane Florence, it appears that Jenelle also might have been more serious, too, than her critics wish to acknowledge. She made it clear that she was concerned for her mother, Barbara Evans.

Despite their past differences, Jenelle evidently does care for and about her mother. Not only has the “Teen Mom 2” cast member shared information about the hurricane’s effects nearest where she lives in Wilmington, North Carolina, but she has also been relaying updates about the areas close to where her mother lives, OK!

Magazine reported.

‘Prayers please,’ star urged for her mother

“I actually feel bad for my mother," Jenelle wrote, according to OK! She further noted, “Prayers please!” While many people disagreed with the star’s decision not to evacuate her children before Florence, Jenelle could very well be accurate in assessing her critics, “Always taking my words and twist them to make it sound negative.”

Still, there are other people who relate to her decision. One of her Instagram followers, who uses the moniker @sgardner10682, posted to Jenelle’s account, “No one could've prepared early on enough for that kind of destruction, adding, “I'm so glad you're all safe!”

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