"Venom" is scheduled for release this weekend and now Tom Hardy thinks his alien anti-hero is primed and ready for a throw down with "Earth's Mightiest Heroes." Hardy appeared on MTV discussing the movie and its rating.

Hardy said his youngest kids watch Spider-Man and Venom often, and that they're not scared of the alien villain. He says the right people are in place if you wanted to make this happen. He would love to go through all the Avengers, but that decision is above his pay grade.

Tom Hardy wants Venom to play in the same universe as Avengers

Comicbook reported that Hardy has no problem admitting he wants to play in the same sandbox as the Avengers. He wants to play with the established family but is also alright with Venom standing alone. Venom is large enough to create its own universe, with the inclusion of 900 characters. Marvel's Kevin Feige previously said that Venom will not be part of the MCU.

Hardy's co-star Riz Ahmed spoke to MTV about how Venom would interact with the Avengers. Ahmed believes that Venom would operate on a much different moral scale than the Marvel heroes. Ahmed told MTV that Venom would probably just try to eat all of them. He believes a battle between Venom and Hulk would be great.

Heroic Hollywood says Hardy chimed in during the interview saying Venom is more self-centered. He's a mercenary, he believes whoever has the biggest hands eats the most. However, Ahmed does point out that Eddie Brock and Venom grow as they come together.

Venom and Eddie Brock more similar than they appear

As the story progresses and Venom and Eddie Brock begin to come together, and both are similarly self-centered.

Eddie starts off as a journalist just trying to get the story and help save the world. However, if you look deeper it's more about what he wants for himself. Brock has done questionable things to get the latest scoop. Venom arrives on Earth and pretty much is out for himself, just trying to eat as much as he can.

Over the course of the film, they have to learn to work together and make space for each other in the same body.

While making space for each other in the same body, they also have to learn to live with other people. We will have to wait and see what Marvel decides to do with Venom and whether they grant Tom Hardy the dream scenario of a showdown with Earth's Mightiest Heroes.

Venom is directed by Ruben Fleischer and stars Tom Hardy, Michelle Williams, Riz Ahmed, Scott Haze, Reid Scott, Jenny Slate, Ron Jones and Woody Harrelson. Venom lands in theaters this Friday.