John David (JD) Madison is back in the News following a potential witness intimidation situation. Much like his former “Southern Charm” co-star Thomas Ravenel, Madison stands accused of sexual assault. FITS News reported on September 26 that Mount Pleasant police made another visit to the woman’s South Carolina home over the weekend. FITS published a copy of a September 22 “No Trespassing” order that was originally given to Madison’s accuser.

To be clear, Madison is not accused of also directly threatening the woman, who claims that she felt threatened by his friend Jay Schwartz, who showed up at her home and refused to leave when she told him to do so.

(The woman accusing Madison has not made her name public.)

Madison accused of drugging, assaulting woman

The accusations, first against Madison and then Schwartz, are based on statements the woman gave Mount Pleasant police. FITS reported that the woman claims she was drugged and sexually assaulted by Madison in August of 2017. Madison and Schwartz visited her home with her female friend. During the visit, she contends, that the two men “distracted” the women while they slipped “a drug” into their drinks, according to the police narrative that FITS relayed.

Bravo star’s friend, Jay Schwartz faces drug possession charges

She also asserts that she was sexually assaulted by Madison hours later. Schwartz, a Mount Pleasant chiropractor, was arrested hours later, as well.

He faces drug possession charges.

The woman’s female friend was with Schwartz when he was arrested. She was “transported to a local hospital,” according to FITS.

Mount Pleasant chiropractor issued ‘No Trespassing’ order

Madison’s friend, Schwartz “showed up” at the home of Madison’s accuser on August 22. He rang the doorbell.

The woman described feeling afraid after she saw who it was when she opened her door. He reportedly told her that he was trying to reach her and wanted to talk with her about the night that the alleged sexual assault happened.

Even after she told Schwartz that she did not want to talk with him, he insisted. She tried closing the door, she stated.

Schwartz purportedly told her to remember that he has “messages from that night,” FITS reported. Instead of leaving the woman’s home, he purportedly used his hand to block her attempt to close the door. He reiterated his statement about having messages from the night in question involving Madison.

She called the police, who visited Schwartz. FITS reported that Schwartz allegedly confirmed her “assessment” of the incident at her home on August 22. Police then went back to the woman’s home, which is when she received a copy of the “No Trespassingorder that was issued to Schwartz, who was not arrested for witness tampering.

Madison’s accuser hired attorney

Madison’s accuser has hired an attorney following her report to authorities about the alleged sexual assault.

She met with a Mount Pleasant police detective who reportedly asked whether she was reporting the assault that she asserts happened in an effort to secure a role on Bravo’s “Southern Charm.”

Following the one-on-one meeting with the detective, she believed that she should have her own lawyer while pursuing the assault accusation she took to law enforcement.

Madison's criminal legal situation like pal Ravenel's

Madison, like his pal Ravenel, will not be filming the upcoming season of “Southern Charm.” As E!

Online and Blasting News previously reported, Bravo determined it is best not to include Ravenel in future tapings following his arrest for sexual assault and battery.

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