John David (JD) Madison, who has a recurring role on Bravo’s “Southern Charm,” is accused of drugging, raping, and sexually assaulting an unidentified female victim in South Carolina, according to FITSNews and Radar Online. The purported incident happened in August 2017. Thomas Ravenel also retracted his accusations that Ashley Jacobs cheated on him.

Media outlets, including Page Six, obtained a copy of the incident report from the Mount Pleasant Police Department. The allegations of criminal sexual conduct were reported to law enforcement on August 25.

Victim claims Madison distracted, drugged her

Madison, who is a South Carolina businessman, is accused of drugging and assaulting the victim in August 2017. According to the narrative presented in the police report, the victim claims that Madison, along with his friend Jay M. Schwartz and a female friend, arrived at her home on August 21, when there was a solar eclipse. Fits reported that the victim “invited friends over.”

While at the victim’s home, Madison allegedly broke a glass, which the victim believes was done on purpose. As she cleaned up from the glass breaking, the victim says Madison reportedly slipped a drug into her drink and the other woman’s drink as well. The victim purports that the glass was broken with the aim of distracting her so that Madison could drug her and the other woman and go unnoticed.

Assault reportedly continued until wife called

There is a stretch of time that she does not remember, according to the police report. The group went to Vickery’s Bar & Grill in South Carolina to drink.

She stated that she was not “feeling right,” according to Page Six. There is confusion between accounts cited by news outlets. While some agencies are reporting that the victim believes she was drugged at her home, others are stating that she contends it happened at Vickery’s and that she called a friend to pick her up. Regardless, the victim is accusing Madison and Schwartz of slipping drugs into her drink, as well as into her friend’s drink.

Following the duration of time that she does not recall, the victim told police that she does remember waking in Madison’s “guest bedroom,” Page Six noted. At that point, she asserts Madison was raping her. Details extracted from the police report are sketchy, which may be attributed to the fact that the identities of the victim and her female friend have been redacted (by law enforcement).

According to the victim, Madison continued to attack her sexually on August 22, until he received a phone call from Elizabeth Madison, his wife, FITSNews reported. Madison’s friend, Schwartz, was arrested only hours later. He reportedly had drugs in his possession. A woman with Schwartz, who is a chiropractor, was taken to an area hospital.

‘Charm’ cast member called Madison inappropriate

The current accusations are not the first time that Madison has been accused of acting inappropriately toward women. Though Naomie Olinda, also a cast member on “Southern Charm,” did not allege that Madison committed sexual assault, she challenged him on-screen during the past season of the Bravo reality show, relaying her belief that he not only behaved inappropriately with women but also “mistreated” his wife, according to People.

Law enforcement investigating accusations

Mount Pleasant law enforcement verified that police “are investigating,” People reported. Madison has not been formally charged with any sexual offense. FITSNews noted that it has talked with the reported victim and has plans for a follow-up report.

Neither Madison or his lawyer responded to requests for a comment from FITS or from People.

Show's stars face allegations

In addition to accusations leveled against Madison, “Southern Charm” fans know that Thomas Ravenel faces allegations of sexual misconduct, as well. Ravenel recently claimed on Twitter that he has quit the reality show, which Blasting News also reported.

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