Shannon Beador recently began facing rumors of a possible breakup from her boyfriend, Scot Matteson, but according to a new post, the couple is very much together and still dating months after their initial Instagram reveal. As some may have seen, the Real Housewives of Orange County cast member posted an image of herself and Matteson enjoying a meal at a Southern California restaurant with friends.

"Another fun night with [Scot Matteson]," she wrote in the caption of the image, which was shared on September 27 on Instagram. Also in the caption of the image, Beador confirmed she was visiting the Gulfstream restaurant in Newport, California and "having so much fun." She then said she was missing her co-star, Kelly Dodd, who celebrated a birthday this week.

Prior to Shannon Beador's post, she and her boyfriend hadn't been seen together since August 9. At that time, the couple was seen at the same restaurant where they were this week. Because Beador had kept Matteson off her social media pages for so long and didn't mention him at all for about a month and a half, many suspected the couple had called it quits.

Shannon Beador began dating earlier this year

Following her split from David Beador in late 2017, the Real Housewives of Orange County cast member re-entered the dating world as filming began on season 13. She then enjoyed a brief relationship with a man named Alex, who she attended a concert with in late spring before making her romance with Scot Matteson in July.

David Beador went public with girlfriend Lesley Cook several months ago

Months after their divorce was announced, David Beador began dating Lesley Cook and went public with their relationship with a photo of the two of them on Instagram. Now, several months later, after enduring tons of rumors and backlash for their relationship over the past few months, both Beador and Cook have deleted their social media accounts.

As for their current relationship, they are very much together and serious about their romance.

In May, during an interview with Us Weekly magazine, Cook spoke out about her boyfriend and the bad dad accusations he was facing at the time, insisting he was nothing short of an amazing father to the three kids he shares with Shannon Beador.

"He takes his daughters to school every morning," she said. "He takes them to all of their after-school activities, drives them to their tournaments, and is always there for them."

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