shannon beador isn't handling the news of David Beador's new romance very well. According to a new report, the "Real Housewives of Orange County" star, who shares three teenage daughters with David, is "extremely hurt" after watching her estranged husband easily replace her with a woman who is two decades her junior.

“Shannon has known about [Lesley Cook] for a couple of months now and of course she’s devastated,” a source told Radar Online on February 13. “[Shannon Beador] is hurt, confused and extremely stressed out over the fact that her fans now know how easily [David Beador] replaced her.” As Beador's fans and followers well know, she and David confirmed their separation in October of last year after 17 years of marriage and two months later, as David's new romance began, Shannon filed for divorce.

The Radar Online report went on to reveal that Shannon Beador was extra upset about her estranged husband's new relationship because she sees how easily it is for Lesley Cook to put a smile on David Beador’s face.

Shannon Beador's marital struggles were seen on 'RHOC'

Throughout the past couple of seasons of "The Real Housewives of orange county," the Beadors were seen struggling to get on the same page. Following the season nine admission of David Beador's affair with another woman, the couple attended counseling and ultimately decided to stick together and renew their vows. However, the happiness they felt during their vow renewal was short-lived and during season 12, they were seen growing apart.

“[Lesley Cook] is gorgeous and 20 years younger than [Shannon Beador]," the Radar Online source added. "So, she cannot even try to compete.” During the 12th season of the reality series, Beador opened up about her ongoing weight struggles and admitted to putting on a whopping 40 pounds following the 11th season of the show.

Shannon Beador wants David booted from his role on 'RHOC'

According to the Radar Online report, Shannon Beador is allegedly doubling down with her Bravo TV producers in an effort to have her estranged husband completely removed from the show as she and her co-stars film season 13. As the insider explained, she doesn't want David to be seen on the series, nor does she want him to be offered any money from the network.

"The Real Housewives of Orange County" season 13 will air sometime later this year. Production began on the new installment last week.