"Little people, Big World's" Matt Roloff headed out for some fun with Caryn Chandler. They went off to play pickle ball. Of course, fans of the "LP, BW" patriarch know he gets around a lot with his crutches. But Matt is a tough little guy and he decided to join in the fun of the miniature tennis game. Caryn took to her Instagram to share a video of Matt's innovative racquet.

Inventive Matt Little People, Big World patriarch

Matt somehow managed to tie his racquet to his crutch so he could crutch-run around and then when he got to the ball, he just used it to hit the ball back.

Matt can't run or walk very fast and fans of the reality TV series know that he suffered many operations as a child. In 2016 he underwent dangerous neck surgery that could have paralyzed him if anything went wrong. The "LP, BW" show actually started in the first place, so they could educate the people in the Big World about the challenges little people face.

It was so good to see the grandpa of Baby J out and having fun and a bit of exercise. Caryn posted up the video with this caption. "Off to sunny Surprise this week for some R&R.. We got creative & turned Matt’s crutch into a support for his pickle ball racket. How neat is that? :)) Good job Matt."

LP, BW fans thrilled to see how the two get out and have fun

"LP, BW" fans seemed thrilled to see the pair out and having so much fun.

When Matt and Amy got divorced there were sad and tense times all around. Many watchers of the TV series were critical of Matt and especially Caryn. But as the months rolled by and Amy hooked up with Chris, the pressure seems to have eased a bit for Zachary's dad. Fans have become more accepting, especially as he's doing such a great job with his new grandchildren.

One fan, @dlsvol, commented to Caryn, "Youre perfect for matt." Another noted similar sentiments, posting that they love seeing them together. Many of them thought how clever they were to tie the racquet onto the crutch. But mostly, the comments were of kind thoughts and happiness. This one is an example of the love coming Matt's way lately, by kearichards "Oh my gosh!!!

That is awesome! We love pickle ball!!!! ❤️❤️❤️ Keep it up!!! It’s sometimes sad when we have to go through hard (sic) ache to explore other avenues and obtain happiness! ❤️ Blessings to you both!! ❤️."

Matt Roloff taking a break before the busy season

It's just three weeks until the Pumpkin Season starts on Roloff Farms. A little while back, Matt posted up on his Instagram about getting started on the car parks and other things. Thousands of people are expected to start arriving October 5 through to 28 to see the Roloff farms, play games, visit the animals and maybe sneak in a photo of their favorite from the show. In the meantime, it's good to see them having fun ahead of the busy time.

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