Baby Jackson is now a one-year-old! Baby J, as he's fondly called, is the "Little People, Big World" family's first grandchild, born on May 12, 2017. Since then, he's been consistently serving Roloff fans loads of cuteness with his adorable smile and playful antics! Let's relive five of his cutest moments.

Chilling on his birth announcement

Zach and Tori Roloff announced Jackson's arrival three days after Tori gave birth. They revealed that baby J's full name is Jackson Kyle Roloff and he was born weighing a whopping nine lbs and one oz and measured 20.5 inches long.

The proud parents posted their first family portrait on Instagram, which shows baby J chilling like a boss! Swaddled in a printed cloth and wearing a blue bonnet, Jackson looked super adorable!

Twinning with daddy

Baby Jackson is definitely a daddy's boy. Zach Roloff is a doting father to his son, as seen in their photos. The father-and-son duo is almost inseparable and they always wear matching clothes as well. When Jackson was just a little over a month old, Zach took him to watch his first ever soccer game. Baby J wore a green onesie printed with Zach's Portland team on it--matching his dad's outfit! Jackson inherited Zach's type of dwarfism, but this little baby is definitely big on cuteness!

First pumpkin season at the Roloff Farms

Zach and Tori have documented Jackson's milestones, such as his first beach outing, first trip to the zoo, and so on. But perhaps his biggest milestone to date was experiencing his first pumpkin season at the Roloff Farms! The "Little People, Big World" family, headed by Matt and Amy Roloff, are known for their massive pumpkin patch in Oregon.

Every September, the family farm turns into a major tourist attraction as visitors flock to pick out their pumpkins in time for Halloween. During Jackson's fifth month, he joined the family's festivities and was even dressed up as a delightful little pumpkin!

Cuddling with cousin Ember

In September, the Roloffs welcomed another grandchild--baby Ember Jean, Jeremy and Audrey's daughter.

Jackson and Ember quickly became best friends, as seen in this photo posted by Tori.

The two babies are one of the highlights in the current season of "Little People, Big World" and fans will certainly be delighted to see more of their early adventures.

Learning to walk

Jackson is surely growing up so fast! In her latest post, Tori Roloff got emotional as she reminisced baby J's past 12 months. The young mom also gave an update on Jackson's achievements and said that her baby is now a little boy. According to Tori, Jackson's personality is now very defined, and she's happy to report that her son is "hilarious." Baby J can now pull himself up and is days away from walking on his own! "Taking this photo made me so emotional because it's the last time I'll set him down on this blanket to take his [monthly] photo. The first of many things I have to let go," Tori wrote in the caption.

Can't get enough of baby Jackson? Catch him on "Little People, Big Word" every Tuesday at 9 PM on TLC.