Doug Davidson set off a firestorm by sharing on social media that he had been let go from "The Young and the Restless." Fans were even more outraged when Eric Braeden, who portrays Victor Newman admitted his disappointment with the direction his character is headed in Genoa City. Spoilers indicate that Braeden will be taking a month-long hiatus from his role and this has raised eyebrows. Loyal viewers are taking notice and want some action, Many are going to boycott the show, hoping ratings will decrease and head writer Mal Young will be taken to task.

Some fans are even calling for Young to be fired.

Y&R fans demand satisfaction for Paul Williams

Paul Williams is a staple on "The Young and the Restless" and his portrayer, Doug Davidson recently celebrated 40 years with the show. Unfortunately, it has been a long time since this popular character has been front and center in Genoa City. Davidson recently voiced his frustration on social media saying the writers were going in a different direction, had no place for the GCPD detective any longer and that he had been let go. CDL says that when Eric Braeden echoed his frustrations related to the direction of his character Victor, the fans hit the roof.

Victor Newman has always been the most powerful man in Genoa City but, recently, he seems only a shell of his former self.

Since Mal Young took over, Victor and Nikki have had an open relationship with each approving of the other committing adultery. Fans have taken notice of the overall downsizing of this "Y&R" powerhouse, in attitude and screen time. Along with the absence of Paul, viewers are demanding the head of Mal Young on a platter. Boycotting the daytime drama will probably have a great effect on getting the attention of the powers that be.

The viewers are demanding satisfaction and probably will get it.

Paul's exit will leave a void on Y&R

According to Soaps She Knows, Corbin Benson, who portrayed Doug Davidson's TV brother Father Todd Williams, said on social media that his character has probably been written out of "The Young and the Restless" as well. He added that his mother Jeanie Cooper, who played Katherine Chancellor, was probably complaining in heaven because of the direction the show was headed.

In addition to his brother being absent in Genoa City, Paul's wife Christine will, more than likely, be written out as well. Her portrayer is Laurie Lee Bell, daughter of "Y&R" creator William Bell.

Be on the lookout for spoiler alerts and updates on this shocking turn of events on "The Young and the Restless." Fans deciding to boycott the show because Doug Davidson was fired and Eric Braeden is taking a month-long vacation speaks volumes. The viewer reaction may bring even more changes which could include the firing of Mal Young so stay tuned. The fans love both Victor and Paul and don't want the void left by these talented actors.