"Little People, Big World" patriarch Matt Roloff, posted up a photo on his Instagram late Tuesday. It showed Baby J helping him out in the pumpkin patch. On the same day, he also posted a video showing Jackson out with him on the mule and mentioned he'd been stung by a bee. The new post doesn't mention the bee, but maybe Jackson did come across it in the pumpkin patch.

Matt of Little People, Big World, thanks Tori

Yesterday, Matt posted up a big pumpkin photo, saying how satisfying it is to grow these lovely vegetables in his "own soil." Therefore, it's probable that harvesting's already on the go, ahead of the Roloff Farms Pumpkin Season that opens to the public on October 5.

Perhaps Baby J, fast becoming a fan-favorite of "Little People, Big World" fans, accompanied his grandpa to see which pumpkins were ready for picking.

In his video about the bee, Matt noted that Zach and Tori Roloff gave Jackson into his care and he babysat for them as they did "filming duties." The photo showing his grandson helping him in the patch was captioned, "This little farmer helped his grandpa in the pumpkin’ patch today. Thanks @toriroloffphotography !! You are the best!!" Matt loves to spend time with Jackson and posts photos of him often. It's nice to see a grandfather thanking his daughter-in-law for letting him share time with her child. Sometimes, these things get taken for granted, after all.

LP, BW fans increasingly happy for Matt Roloff

Lately, there's a trend on Instagram that shows many fans of "LP, BW" are increasingly happy for Matt. After his divorce from Amy, Matt moved in with Caryn Chandler, and plenty of people became critical of him. But as they see how good Matt is with baby J, views are changing somewhat.

Matt posts up as many pictures of his grandson as he can. Sometimes, he runs into Zach out and about on the farm with his son, and Baby J's face lights up when he sees him. A photo from Instagram shared in an article by Cafemom showed Matt smiling alongside Caryn. He is definitely looking happy nowadays.

In the latest photo, the pumpkin plants tower above the little boy.

He's pointing at something that might be a flower. Jackson looks so cute in his little black jumper, checked shirt, and jeans. He often wears jeans just like Matt. At his feet, two pumpkins look enormous next to the tiny little fellow.

Baby J only started walking about seven weeks ago

It seemed impossible to think that Baby J only started really walking about seven weeks ago. Back then, he was seen toddling around an airport, with Zach hovering anxiously behind him. But these days, he's walking around everywhere with confidence. Obviously, he's picking up a few bruises along the way, as boys do. But he's a tough" little farmer" to use Matt Roloff's words. Did you hear the news that some fans are convinced Tori is pregnant again?

That came after Tori posted a photo of the nursery with the words "J...Adventure...&," Soap Dirt reported. Maybe another little one is on the way to make Matt even happier.

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