The latest updates and spoilers for "X-Men: Dark Phoenix" reveal new details about the official launch date of its first teaser trailer. Reddit user r/marvelstudios posted a video of the film's first trailer in Russia and it is speculated that 20th Century Fox will stream the official video next week during "Venom's" premiere.

Instagram user mariopower.official also posted a new behind-the-scenes photo featuring Professor Charles Xavier and Erik Lensherr (Magneto). The film takes place in 1992 as the X-Men became national heroes after they saved the whole world from the Apocalypse in the last film.

The team took a mission from outer space but it went terribly wrong after a solar flare triggered Jean Grey's transformation into the Phoenix.

First teaser coming next week

Reddit user r/marvelstudios posted the Russian dubbed version of "X-Men: Dark Phoenix" film and it is hinted that the video was recorded during Fox's presentation last week. The teaser was mostly focused on Jean Grey's backstory as her telepathic powers emerge during a car crash. Her powers become stronger and increasingly hard to control, and she fears that something scary and malevolent wants to come out.

The trailer also featured the X-Men in their new black and yellow themed costumes and Jessica Chastain's character trying to influence Jean to unleash her true potential.

There is also a scene wherein members of the team are mourning over their dead comrade as Magneto steps in to help Charles and his children contain and rescue Jean from herself.

Chastain's character is described as an otherworldly shapeshifter and comic book fans speculate that she could be Miss Sinister due to her obsession with Jean and Cyclops.

Screen Rant theorized that Fox might launch the official teaser video next month during the "Venom" movie premiere week.

Professor X and Magneto reunite

mariopower.official posted a bts photo of "Dark Phoenix" featuring Charles Xavier and Erik Lensherr playing chess at a cafe or restaurant. The two are known to be incredible chess players and use it as a way to share stories with each other.

Both Charles and Erik will help each other regarding Jean's growing powers. Cast member James McAvoy told Entertainment Weekly in a previous interview that "Dark Phoenix" will be one of the most emotionally-driven stories in the whole "X-Men" film franchise as each character is forced to confront their misgivings and make the ultimate sacrifice to save their family.

The sequel will premiere in cinemas on February 14, 2019.