Matt and Amy Roloff shocked fans when they announced in 2015 they filed for divorce, after 27 years of marriage and four children. The world had witnessed, of course, their disagreements for years on the show "Little People, Big World" but it seemed like the average married couples disagreements over budgeting and finances and the stress that comes along with Family.

In addition to watching their family grow, we got to watch their family split apart. We watched along as Amy stayed in the "big house" and Matt relocated the trailer on the same property just a walk away.

We watched as the show let us look in on how it was taking a toll on both Jeremy and Zach, mainly because Molly and Jacob were not around and participating greatly in filming. The differences between Matt and Amy changed from charming to polarizing in what felt like a blink of the eye, and it did become very clear to viewers why things had fallen apart and the toll the differences took on everyone.

Moving on

As Season 18 of "Little People, Big World" kicks off, we find Zach and Tori with their son Jackson, and Jeremy and Audrey expecting their daughter. In addition to the new babies coming into the family, Amy is dating Chris, and they are quickly approaching their year anniversary, and Matt is dating Caryn, a Roloff Farm employee.

In the latest episode, Amy has decided to throw Audrey a last minute baby shower, as she was unable to make the shower thrown by Audrey's family. As she is planning the shower she has to broach the topic of inviting Matt's current partner.

Tensions grow

Amy is currently in a happy relationship, but points out no matter what it feels awkward because Caryn was an employee and a family friend for so long before Matt and Caryn had gotten together.

While Amy does invite Caryn, Caryn responds to the invitation that it sounds complicated to Matt and says she has plans with her daughter and declines.

Both Jeremy and Zach say in interviews on the show how awkward it is having their parents date and being part of that. It does seem Caryn has a slight advantage in winning over the family members, since she has known them for quite a long time.

It's hard not to sympathize with Amy's discomfort when you realize Caryn has been in the background of their family for awhile.

If the little snippets TLC has left us with are any indicator, things are going to get worse before they get better. Amy is seen getting upset with Matt saying what he is asking for is renegotiating their divorce agreement, and Caryn is seemingly talking about Amy's influence on their relationship decisions. We will have to watch to find out!