Spoiler alerts for "General Hospital" indicate that the next two weeks in Port Charles will be explosive in more ways than one. Mike will be responsible for a gas leak that blows up Charlie's pub, in an attempt to keep anyone from finding the body he hid there decades ago.

Nina suspects her baby did not die and is out there somewhere. Valentin and Curtis know this is true but have not yet told her. Drew wants to tell Oscar he has an inoperable brain tumor while Kim thinks their son should live life to the fullest without knowing he is dying. As summer ends and fall begins, lies will be exposed and truths will be revealed.

Valentin, Curtis, and Mike have answers

Julian has been wondering why Mike wants to hang out at his pub, and why Sonny offered to buy it. Now Soap Hub spoilers say this explosive secret is about to come to light. Decades ago Mike moved the body of a man that Sonny murdered and hid it where the foundation of Charlie's Pub now sits. Celeb Dirty Laundry teases that this truth will soon be revealed and it could be Sonny's downfall, as Margaux is gunning for him with everything she's got.

Valentin hired Curtis to find out if Madeline was telling the truth when she said Nina did not lose her baby while in a coma. The PI has verified the child is alive, but Valentin wants to keep it from Nina until they have more information.

Earlier "GH" spoilers identified KiKi as Nina's daughter, and when this is revealed it will shock all of Port Charles, and pit Ava and Nina against each other once more. It will probably be the final nail in the coffin of the fragile relationship between Kiki and Ava as well because yet again Ms. Jerome lied to her daughter.

Kim wants Drew to keep Oscar in the dark

Soap Hub indicates there will be friction between Drew and Kim as they disagree on how to handle the news their son is dying. Kim has been Oscar's sole parent for 16 years and believed she knows best. She does not want the explosive secret that their son has an inoperable brain tumor to be revealed.

Kim wants Oscar to enjoy the time he has left, but Drew disagrees. He wants to tell the teen the truth but has to concede to his mother's decision.

On Friday Drew confided in Sam as he was not sure how to handle the news that the son he just met may not live very long."General Hospital" viewers know that eventually each of these explosive secrets will be brought to light and when they are it will spell big trouble.

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