"General Hospital" spoilers tease that Bobbie's children will soon be pitted against each other and she will be caught in the middle. Soap Hub hints that Brad's guilt may get the best of him, and he might tell Lucas that baby Wiley is the son of Michael and Nelle. This will cause Carly and her brother to be on opposite ends of the spectrum and cause heartbreak. Brad has been exhibiting signs of remorse ever since he saw Michael in the hospital, just after he was told that his child had died. Nelle's manipulation will be revealed and Carly will feel the pain of her revenge.

Everyone involved will be forever altered as the fate of the baby hangs in the balance.

Nelle wants to destroy Carly and Michael

Michael has grieved hard for the child he believes is dead. Nelle set up the perfect storm by giving her son to Brad to raise with Lucas. When the truth is revealed Carly will naturally feel compassion for her brother, but baby Wiley is Michael's child and her grandson. Bobbie will have to choose between her son and her daughter and this will not be easy. Spoilers do not indicate when all of this will take place, but Soap Hub teases that there will be drama on "GH" for the Corinthos family this fall.

Nelle wants to destroy her baby daddy and his mother and what better way than for them to find out that they have been grieving in vain?

Nelle is in jail and probably will not have a chance at custody. A DNA test will prove Michael is the biological father of Wiley, so Brad and Lucas will probably be out in the cold. This will come just as Sonny and Carly are dealing with Mike's declining health because of Alzheimer's disease. They are also trying to keep the secret about the body buried underneath Julian's pub.

it looks like "General Hospital" is going to be filled with drama in the coming months.

Bobbie will have to be strong for her family

Spoilers suggest that Bobbie may have to call in reinforcements from her big brother Luke, but Tony Geary has said he will not reprise his "General Hospital" role. Currently, Carly's mother is not dating anyone, so her children are all she has at this time, and they are in need of her support.

Lucas will be devastated when the truth comes out and may lose his marriage -- along with baby Wiley.

When you add the tension that will come from Michael and Carly, Lucas will most definitely need his mother's support. There are no details on exactly how all of this will fall into place, so be on the lookout for updated spoilers. Make sure you don't miss an episode of "GH." You can catch "General Hospital" weekday afternoons on ABC at 2PM EST.