Spoiler alerts for "General Hospital" say that Sonny's dad is going to cause all kinds of chaos this week in Port Charles. In an attempt to prevent the dead body under Charlie's pub from being found, Mike will make a move that puts lives in danger, including his own granddaughter. Soaps She Knows reveals that he will cause a gas leak that will cause an explosion at Julian's establishment. His actions will raise the suspicion of Mr. Jerome who will begin to investigate. Spoilers say eventually the dots will connect and the Corinthos family will be at the mercy of the one man in town they would rather not deal with.

Julian's dilemma with Mike

For some time now Julian has been encouraging Sonny's dad to talk about the old days of Charlie's pub. simultaneously Mr. Jerome has been hindered at every turn from obtaining a permit to remodel his business. In the middle of it, all Sonny offered to purchase the establishment so Julian knows something is up. Because of the Alzheimer's diagnosis, Kim has warned her beau not to push Mike too hard for information. Soaps She Knows promises that everything will hit the fan this week and the fun will begin.

On Friday, Julian hired Christina to work for him and as she was tending bar, her grandfather somehow made his way to the basement of Charlie's. Soaps She Knows spoilers say he will use a wrench to tamper with the gas line, Julian will smell gas, Christina will see the wrench in her grandfather's hand and realize what he has done.

She will call Sonny while Julian tries to get everyone out of the building. Mike will refuse to leave and as Mr. Jerome is dealing with him Christina goes to the basement and attempts to shut off the gas. An explosion occurs that will set off a chain reaction throughout Port Charles.

Consequences of Mike causing an explosion

Spoilers from Celeb Dirty Laundry say there will be consequences to Mike's actions.

In addition to putting lives at risk, including his granddaughter, the explosion destroys Julian's pub. The police will be called to investigate and the possibility of finding Charlie's long dead body will increase. In addition to Sonny possibly going to prison for his crime, there is also the chance that Mr. Corbin may be taken from his son's home and placed in a facility.

This will surely cause Mike's health to decline even faster and could even hasten his death. The Corinthos family will be forever changed by this chain of events, so stay tuned. Be on the lookout for spoiler alerts to update this tragic, yet exciting storyline, and be sure to watch "General Hospital" weekday afternoons on ABC at 2:00 PM EST.