Spoiler alerts for "The Young and the Restless" indicate that the next two weeks will be filled with new revelations, betrayal, and heartache. Dina's baby daddy will be revealed and cause additional problems for the Newman/Abbott families as Jack and Victor must come to terms with the truth that they are related but will not handle this truth very well.

Kyle and SUmmer have their night together, but he later meets and is smitten by Arturo and Rey's sister Lola who has just moved to Genoa City. This will not, however, stop his plan to sabotage his uncle and he turns up the heat hoping Billy will soon crash and burn.

Victor and Jack will face the battle of their lives

Spoilers suggest that Victor's dad Albert Miller will be revealed as Dina's baby daddy. This means Mr. Newman and Jack Abbott are half-brothers. Soap Dirt spoilers say Victor will be outraged and there will be a showdown with his nemesis. Celeb Dirty Laundry teases that the two businessmen will have a hard time with this news, and it may set them up for the battle of their lives. Kyle probably will be shocked to hear that the Newman patriarch is his grandfather but he will be too busy to deal with it just yet.

Kyle won his bet with Summer and CDL says she will give him his night of passion, but ti will only be just the one night. Summer has not given up on seducing Billy and Kyle will continue to set up his uncle to go back into big-time gambling.

Jack's son will also meet and become intrigued with Lola who has just moved to Genoa City. His hands are full, and he probably will be unable to even be a shoulder for Jack to lean on during this difficult time.

The truth may not set Jack or Billy free

Soap Dirt teases that Victor and Jack's new relationship will not erase the decades of hate they have for each other.

Instead of Jack finding closure, this new truth will cause more pain. It will also open up old wounds for Victor who had a rocky relationship with his father, Albert Miller. CDL says this new dynamic between these men will cause problems in Genoa City for the next two weeks.

Billy told his truth to Phyllis about gambling, but he will not be set free either, spoilers say she will try to be supportive but has no idea what she is in for..

CDL says thanks to Kyle, Billy's addiction will spiral out of control. The Abbotts and Newmans are in for an interesting two weeks.

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