The tension is mounting on "The Bold and the Beautiful" as Forester Creations employees express concern about their jobs. Ridge must decide whether his daughter's lingerie line or Hope for the Future gets scaled back. On Friday, Wyatt, Zoe, and Sally were discussing the situation as Hope, Steffy, Ridge, and Brooke all expressed how they really felt about the budget cuts. Tensions flared and both Brooke and her daughter came down hard on Steffy. Spoiler alerts from Soap Dirt tease that the drama will only get worse as father and daughter are pitted against mother and daughter in a fight to the finish.

The truce is off as Steffy battles Brooke and Hope

Ridge has been trying to be fair in terms of which clothing line will be cut back. Brooke and Hope want Hope for the Future to continue but Steffy believes the lingerie will be more profitable. She pointed out to Hope and later to her father that she has given up everything and should at least have a say regarding Forrester Creations. Both Ridge and Hope questioned Steffy's motives, but she assured them that it was business and not personal. Soap Dirt, however, indicates that it will become very personal and Steffy will want Liam back.

Steffy pointed out that Hope was selfish because she has Liam as her husband and a new baby on the way. She emphasized how she should be able to exercise her new authority in the family business, and reiterated to Ridge that the company is called Forrester but she is forced to look at Liam and Hope every day and be reminded that they are living the life that should have been hers.

Things get out of hand as the truce is off and the catfight is on.

Steffy and Ridge will alienate Hope and Brooke

At the end of Friday's "B&B" episode, Brooke was listening outside the door as Steffy tried to convince her dad to scale back Hope for the Future. She later got right in Steffy's face and screamed at her to back off and not try to get rid of her company.

Spoilers from Celeb Dirty Laundry say things will get out of hand and eventually it will be Steffy and Ridge against Brooke and Hope.

CDL hints that Ridge will choose to keep his daughter's lingerie line which will make his wife and daughter-in-law furious. If he does it will alienate him from Brooke and Hope, and probably cause Steffy to retaliate by going after Liam again.

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