For anyone who saw the movie "10" featuring Bo Derek and Dudley Moore, along with Julie Andrews, it is nearly impossible to erase the picture of perfection the actress presented on the big screen. Derek, who is 61, still has the “it” factor. Not only is Derek as stunning as ever, she has a heart of gold when it comes to charity, along with the well-being of animals.

The actress along with her boyfriend of 16 years, John Corbett, 57, attended a gala on September 6 in Italy that was billed as a White Party for Celebrity Fight Night.

The couple arrived in white, as the event’s name suggested.

Derek and Corbett were “very well co-ordinated [sic],” the Daily Mail (UK) noted. Corbett measured up, rocking white as well as Derek. Fans of Sex in the City know Corbett as Carrie Bradshaw’s love interest during the hit HBO series.

Bringing fashionable ensembles to charitable events is hot

The gala benefitted two charitable organizations: the Muhammad Ali Parkinson Centre, as well as the Andrea Bocelli Foundation. As a famous couple, who definitely performed memorable on-screen roles, it is good to see that they have not forgotten about important causes that focus on helping others. Nothing is hotter than a stunning couple that is not superficial.

There were two events the pair attended in Italy: the White Party and the Celebrity Fight Night.

Both times, the couple was impeccably stylish, which Hollywood Life also pointed out. Derek was fashionable in white jeans paired with a white lace top while Corbett donned sunglasses, slim-fit pants with a fitted white shirt, and white shoes, according to the Daily Mail. Derek and Corbett also posed for photos.

Star not shy about making a colorful impression

Derek arrived at the Celebrity Fight Night in Florence, Italy on September 5 wearing a vibrant, multi-color V-neck maxi dress, Hollywood Life observed. Her metallic wedges illustrated that she is not afraid of fashion and making a colorful impression.

Her beau, John, arrived for the event at the Four Season’s Hotel “looking dapper,” according to Hollywood Life.

He paired a balanced blend of colors, wearing khaki pants and a fitted navy-color blazer. The couple’s ensembles were more relaxed than the white outfits worn on Thursday. Additional event attendees included Reba McIntire and Veronica Bocelli.

Actress’s heart shines for others

Derek is consistent in respect to having a heart for others. This summer, on July 19, she was honored by the Helen Woodward Animal Center, which recognized her with its annual Humane Award, the Coast News reported. The organization’s goals are on pet adoption and providing humane education on-site at Rancho Santa Fe, California.

The actress draws worldwide attention to animals as an effect of her dedication, love, and help extended. In presenting Derek with the award, CEO Mike Arms, stated, “We’re presenting the Humane Award to someone who has dedicated so many different facets of her life to animal welfare.”

While Derek is remembered as a 10 on-camera in the Blake Edward’s movie, she also rates extremely high when giving to animals. Her time is priceless. She has devoted much travel around the world “on behalf of the Coalition Against Wildlife Trafficking,” Arms explained.

She did not set her sights on animal welfare and activism when she started out in Hollywood. Derek’s focus evolved from her “career and travels,” Derek stated.

She does not fall short when she has the goal of helping animals. She has a product line called Bo Derek Pet Care, with a portion of the proceeds given to caring for military dogs that are retired.

Bo Derek and John Corbett demonstrate how to live beyond Hollywood’s Walk of Stars. Their caring and compassion take center stage.

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