Spoiler alerts for "The Bold and the Beautiful" indicate that the storyline is headed in the direction of resurrecting the love triangle between Bill, Brooke, and Ridge. Soaps She Knows says Dollar Bill will turn to his ex-wife to help him with a problem and Celeb Dirty Laundry teases that once they reconnect, there will be secrets and lies between Brooke and Ridge. The couple has come through every problem thus far, but this there simply may be too much for them to handle. The tension at Forrester Creations and the situation with both Hope and Steffy having babies with Liam will create the perfect storm to send Brooke back into the arms of her former husband.

Brooke may soften towards Bill because of the custody battle

Soaps She Knows says Dollar Bill will seek a favor from his former wife so it's probable he wants her to talk to Katie in regard to custody of Will. This situation will more than likely cause Brooke to soften towards her ex and the drama will Forrester, Liam, Steffy, and Hope may put a wedge between her and Ridge. Spoilers say there will be secrets and lies, so Brooke probably is not going to give her husband the details of her renewed friendship with his sworn enemy.

Should Brooke talk Katie out of seeking full custody, Bill will be elated and old feelings could resurface between the duo. Ridge, however, will be outraged when he finds out that his "Logan" has been hanging out with Dollar Bill behind his back.

Add this to the love triangle involving their children and what is going on at Forester, and this couple may not be able to handle it all.

Ridge and Brooke may be history

CDL spoilers tease that Brooke may once again be torn between her two lovers and eventually drop Ridge for Dollar Bill. Until now, "Bridge" has been able to weather every storm, but now trouble is coming from every direction.

Ridge believed Liam should have remained with Steffy and Kelly, while Brooke was pushing for the reunion with Hope. They are all now trying to work together for the sake of Kelly and Hope's unborn child but tensions are mounting. Once the decision is made at Forrester as to which fashion line to drop, there will be additional animosity.

Thorne is pushing Katie big time to obtain sole custody of Will, and Dollar Bill is fuming about it. if spoilers are correct and Brooke helps her former spouse she and her current husband may be history. Ridge sill believes Bill took advantage of Steffy so he will not want his wife to make nice with his rival. If she keeps it a secret and Ridge finds out later, it will probably be the final nail in their relationship. The door will be open for "Brill" to get back together, yet again. Stay tuned to "The Bold and the Beautiful" weekday afternoons on CBS at 1:30 PM EST.