Spoiler alerts for "The Bold and the Beautiful" tease that war will soon take place between Brooke, Steffy, and Hope due to budget cuts. The recent fashion show was a success, and Thorne hired Zoe, but now things have changed. Ridge is going to announce that either Brooke's bedroom line or Hope for the Future has to go.

Earlier spoilers suggested that Steffy was going to decide to stick with Brooke's lingerie, which causes a rift with Hope. This decision will surely destroy the camaraderie that both of Liam's baby mamas have formed for the sake of their children.

It will also bring tension into the marriage of Ridge and Brooke.

Steffy, Brooke, and Hope are in a battle royal

Spoiler alerts from Longroom point out that Hope is not very secure in the new family dynamic that Steffy laid out. She agreed to get along with Liam's other baby mama for the sake of the children. Steffy is going all out, even comforting Hope and giving support after her miscarriage scare. Spoilers, however, indicate that Ms. Logan will become jealous of the time that Liam is spending with Steffy and Kelly.

Should Steffy decide to get rid of Hope's signature project, then all bets will be off. Brooke is already suspicious of her stepdaughter's motives and does not trust that she has her daughter's best interests at heart.

If Hope for the Future is tanked, it will probably be Brooke who kicks up the most dust and initiates the battle royal. She will no doubt believe Steffy is trying to get even with Hope because Liam married her.

Budget cuts will bring out the worst in Brooke

Celeb Dirty Laundry indicates that Bill is going to ask Brooke's advice regarding fighting for custody of WIll.

If she becomes angry at Ridge and Steffy for dropping Hope's clothing line, she may share her feelings with her ex-husband, Before long Dollar Bill Spencer may forget his desire for Steffy and decide that Brooke is the woman for him after all. It looks like "B&B" is going to start the same love triangles all over again.

Brooke is torn between Ridge and Bill, while Liam cannot make up his mind between Hope and Steffy is getting old and the viewers deserve something better.

Ridge's decision will cause problems in his personal life as well as in the office. The employment of Zander, Emma, Zoe, and others will be in jeopardy along with the tension between Brooke, Liam, Hope, and Steffy. Add Dollar Bill to the mix, and this spells continued the drama.

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